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After a year, the chubby is now a tinman.

March 3, 2010

i’ve met up with the long lost friend “chubby” earlier at burjuman. he was 30mins late. (bonkers!) it’s been a year i think since i’ve last seen him (at least it felt like a year) and a lot has changed about him. well yeah, he’s still a bit of a retard but the guy lost weight. huge amount of weight. i think he would need to go thru that feeding program for malnourished kids, anybody can point me towards the right direction? i’m really worried about him. seriously. i think he also shrunk, he’s now 2 inches taller than i am compared to the 5 inches before. of course my mind may be playing tricks on me but that’s how i remember him to be.

i asked him if everything is alright, he said he’s fine and nothing’s wrong and asked me to shut the f*ck up and stop talking about his weight loss. but i can’t! it’s alarming! i think he lost about 10kg within a year.

next to him, i felt like a whale. i’ve gained a lot for the past year and frankly, i really don’t mind. but after our very short meeting earlier, i think i would need to go on a south beach diet to lose the excess fats clinging happily on my waistline. but for the love of God, i don’t want to look as malnourished as he is.

well, i sound like i am criticizing him but i’m not. i’m just really worried about him and well, he asked me to blog about it to stop me from throwing all the weight-loss questions at him earlier. so here’s the blog for you…. ex-chubby.

but anyway, it was good to see the bastard again after a very long time. and he’s very much available and dateable. he’s still as hot as a gigolo if only he can dance. he’s potty-trained and makes sense almost half the time that you will be with him. he will be late and will blame the bur dubai traffic (to which we all know has been there for the past decade now) but sure he will make up for it by asking you some airfares to london and birmingham though you know that he will never buy it from you and opt to do it on the website instead. all in all, he’s an ok guy and would need some lovin’ when he goes to hongkong at the end of May. to all the interested ladies out there (single, in a relationship, married – doesn’t really matter as the guy has no standards at all) – you can all send him an email at: 2sexy4you@hotmail.com

seriously though, the above blog is full of sh*t and most are really not true (except for the weight-loss). i just fulfilled the guy’s wish of creating a blog about him. it was good to see you earlier chubby! bring back the fat!!!!!!

p.s. the photos are unrelated to the post. don’t stress yourself on solving the mystery of relativity of the photos and my post – as there is none. but how cool are they??????

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