This is Dubai.

Never in my life have I expected that what happened to me and my friends last night actually does happen in real life. I thought it only happens in movies or just an urban legend/rumor which has a bigger possibility of being a made-up story than reality. I’ll tell you the whole story:

It started out as a dinner with my girl friends at Sakura in Crowne Plaza. We had sukiyaki, shabu shabu, ebi tempura and caterpillar rolls. All of which were extremely oishii!

In between the food, gossiping and laughters – I was in touch with a client of mine who’ve been asking for the longest time to give me a treat as he thinks he owes me a lot. I have been handling him for about a year now and I may say that we became really good friends after I managed to bring his staff back to Dubai in time who was stuck in Hong Kong for quite some time due to some immigration issues. It was nothing really but he was so grateful to me at that time. Anyway, so last night when he found out that I was with my friends at Crowne Plaza he told me to drop by at a Mai Tai bar in the same hotel as he needs to give me something. So that’s where me and my friends went to after dinner, only to find out that the client left me his credit card at the reception area for us to use for the whole night. When I saw the card, my jaw dropped. How in the world can this be happening? Seriously. It was way over the top and never in my life have I expected someone to give me his/her credit card to use. If I was an opportunist, I would invite all my friends immediately and we’ll go to a posh club and drink all night but fortunately for him, I’m not like that. So I invited him to join us instead.

He arrived after 30 minutes and in between the drinks we’ve ordered, we had our very informal interview. Hahaha. A few months back, he offered me a job in his own company which is expanding its offices worldwide and last night became our informal interview. Details were not discussed but more on general aspects of the job. Basically, I’ll be handling the movements of his staff worldwide. Sweet! Anyway, I didn’t think much about it because I was still in shock with him handing over his credit card to me. LOL. After some time, we all decided to transfer to a different venue and ended up going to Trilogy which had an entrance fee of AED150 per person at the time. Well, we all didn’t pay for it because he booked a table worth AED2000 (consumable) for that night. Holy crap! Seriously now, no matter how great my service was for his staff – I think we’re even now. We were 6 people in total and frankly, it is impossible for us to consume all AED2000 in one night with just the normal drinks that we’re ordering so instead, we had a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne, the biggest one. It was such a shame that we were not able to finish the bottle. DAMN!!!!! Now that I think about it, I should’ve slipped it inside my bag and walked out with it but then again, the bottle was too huge it wouldn’t fit in anyone’s bag. After the incredible night with a lot of unbelievable chain of events, we went back to the reality of our poor lives and parted ways by taking individual cabs going home.

Disclaimer: The client is not in any way flirty towards me. He was just sharing his blessings (too much of it) to people who he thinks he is indebted to. I know, I know I sound like a gullible little kid but trust me, if you’ve met him like my friends did – you wouldn’t think that he’s got some hidden agenda with his out-of-the-ordinary kindness.


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