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January 10, 2013

Warning: Curse words coming up.

I took the metro yesterday as I always do, it was a fine morning until an ass face ruined it for me. When I swiped my nol card (the card you use to get in the metro) I noticed that it only had a balance of AED3.70 which will not be enough to go to my destination (it’s a 4.90 fare for me) so I nicely asked the person inside the information booth to reload the card for me. If you are a regular metro user, you’ll know that by the time you have swiped your card and got past thru that machine, the information desk person will be seated on the other side of the booth. So this ass face refused to reload my card for me because I was on the other end of the booth and not standing in front of him. Mind you, there was no line of people in front of him to assist. But apparently standing up from where he’s seated to walk two steps towards my end of the booth, reach for my card, walk back to his little throne, reload the card and give it back to me is a lot of hard work for him and is not allowed by the management. Apparently. According to this ass face.

Ass face: you can reload it at the next station
Me: what???? but I’m here, right in front of you. You can reload it for me right now besides, I’m sure they won’t allow me to reload it at the next station
Ass face: They will.
Me: Why can’t you just do it here?
Ass face: Because you’re there already, inside.
Me: Well, you can walk this way right?
Ass face: We’re not allowed
Me: Not allowed to walk?
Ass face: * says something gibberish *
Me: What?????
Ass face: You can reload it at the next station
Me: No, I want to do it now here.
Ass face: Ok then come this side.

By then, my blood’s already boiling up to my eyeballs but because the ass face’s balls are nailed on his throne, I had to swipe my card again, walk towards the other end of the booth and reload my card. And he was giving me all these stupid craps as a reason of why he can’t get up from his seat. Also, as customer service agent of the metro, he’s got his information all screwed up. I was too pissed to even care what he’s talking about because I was THISCLOSE to breaking the glass that separates us and just bang his head on the counter 5 times to get some sense into his head.

His name is Amila. I would’ve taken his photo and post it here to warn you all if I wasn’t too pissed. Clearly, thinking outside of the box (literally) is not a part of his job description. Bless his soul.


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