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Things to do on 2009.

January 11, 2009

i just thought that i probably may need to do a checklist of the things that i should do for this year. the goals that i should reach, i should at least do 3 of these. hehehe. if nothing will be accomplished, at least i had fun thinking of getting it accomplished. 😀

1. visit my mom, this is actually not entirely upto me but depends on how lucky i am right now. 🙂 well anyway, i think 17years of not seeing my mom is enough already. but just to warn everybody, if i tried again and was not given the visa – it will be a very rough one for me. it may take me 3 months the most to get over it. but anyway……. we’ll see.

2. if the first plan won’t push thru… i’ll have to visit some other place to get my mind out of it. europe is friendlier to me, so i guess i’ll go to europe again. :p try Greece (i want to go to santorrini) or Holland (to visit a family friend) or New Zealand (not exactly in Europe but i’ll try to go still to visit and hopefully get adopted by Ehyang while am there, she’s  a former highschool classmate and a college roomate) or London (to give my respect to the queen :p) and of course Prague!!!! Dying to see this place. Then a longer vacation in the philippines too, this time – hopefully it does not include any surgeries at all. hehehe.

3. invest on something. anything. it’s too expensive to invest on something here so i’ll probably do that back home. i have realized when i had an atm fraud 3 weeks back that it’s probably better to be investing on something and seeing your money’s worth going to something that you could use in the future rather than getting it stolen by some crook. so, yes! i’ll go for investment. not yet sure what though or if it’s even a good time to do that now with the financial crisis and all. :p

4. live a frugal life. it was not at all a frugal life last 2008. so i guess i have to watch out for all my expenses. does it mean i’ll have to cut down on my nightouts????? we’ll see. :p i really really do want to save more money for this year. enough of the compulsive shopping sprees (as i look at the zara shopping bag beside me after i’ve seen a trench coat on sale earlier – guilty!!! but it would be the last, promise!). but seriously, i need to get my act together and be a wise spender.

5. be grateful for my job. i have been sour-graping about the fact that we’re not going to have a bonus and increment for this year. i know, being selfish. during these times with all the financial crisis and global retrenchment, having a job is more than enough. so yeah, as long as i can see new batch every month recruited from all over the world joining our company – i should be thankful that i get to keep my job. i HAVE to keep my job.

6. go back to ballet dancing. i’ve found a ballet school in jumeira which offers ballet lessons for adults just for fitness. have already contacted them and found out that they don’t use R.A.D. syllabus on adult classes, so yey for me!!!! i really do miss ballet. it will be my forever love.

that’s all for me now. have yet to think of something else. but right now, i really am working on that investment thing. i really really need to do that. if nothing will push thru, well at least i thought of doing it. hehehehe.

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