Things To Do in Washington DC: Visit The Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial was built to honor the 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln. It is located in the National Mall opposite the Washington Monument housing the humongous seated sculpture of Abraham Lincoln, a very famous icon known around the world. Call me crazy or silly but it reminded me of the movie Night at The Museum. :p

Seriously though, the sculpture is magnificent! And the view from the Memorial itself is breathtaking!

Washington Monument

Visiting the Lincoln Memorial is free of charge although you may encounter busload of excursionists and tourists while you’re there. Having the political, cultural and historical importance, not to mention the amazing views it offers – Lincoln Memorial is definitely a must-see in Washington DC.

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial


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  • jack November 12, 2014 at 07:01

    I have visited the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument during my boston washington bus tours. It is the significant building of this state and definitely it is a worth visiting place.I must say who wanted to go there they should visit the memorials of this region because without visiting them your tour can’t be completed.

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