Things To Do in Philadelphia: Visit the Fairmount Water Works

Fairmount Water Works Philadelphia

After spending an hour in Philadelphia Museum of Art, we walked back towards the parking lot and onto the Fairmount Water Works.

Fairmount Water Works Philadelphia

The Fairmount Water Works, one of Philadelphia’s architectural icons, now is an exciting combination of environmental education, architectural history and cultural heritage. Tucked beneath the decks of this National Historic Landmark, the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center is a very hands-on, very interactive exhibit using computers, joysticks, buttons and videos to highlight the City’s water resources.
Source: VisitPhilly

Fairmount Water Works Philadelphia

It’s great to know the story of how a developing American city devised a way on how to use the river as their main water source at the same time prevent the disease unhealthy water carries. That doesn’t sound so promising these days but it definitely is an engineering feat back in the days which made this a tourist attraction.

Fairmount Water Works Philadelphia

Fairmount Water Works is a famous wedding location in this city, kind of not so hard to imagine why because the ambiance is just fantastic! There were a lot of joggers and cyclists around the park when we went, it does give you the much-needed breathe of fresh air which probably is the reason why it’s flanked with outdoorsy type of people. I probably would be like them if I lived in this city. 🙂

Fairmount Water Works Philadelphia

You should definitely see Fairmount Water Works if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia. 🙂


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