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“If you want to become a Parisian, you must start first by dressing like a Parisian. How do you do that? Well that’s easy, it’s the same for men and women – wear a black shirt with a black pants with a black boots and bring a black umbrella, if you’re a little bit crazy then put a gray scarf.”

That was an excerpt from the show and it totally floored me. I was laughing so hard as I did notice how “black” is the statement in Paris when it comes to fashion. I thought that it was just because it was still cold when I went there but then it turned out that it is how the Parisians dress.

While I was researching for my trip to Paris, I had it in my mind that I must at least watch a show while there. There was a ballet performance at the Opera during that time but then the tickets were sold out on the only free day that I have. I then came across this show on tripadvisor and I asked my friend who lives there if she would be interested to go with me. She agreed and I immediately booked our tickets – all the while having no clue as to what’s in store for me as I didn’t read much about it anymore.

I arrived at the Theatre des Nouveautes (nearest metro station, Grand Boulevard) at around 6:30 pm and met my friend K. The theater was very small and it was packed by tourists and locals alike. It’s quite amazing for me that PArisians were actually there to watch it, won’t they take offense on this comedy? After all, it’s all about them. 🙂

Unfortunately, I had to sit thru the whole show with a woman towering in front of me and blocked my view altogether. So one tip, book a front row seat – if you are ready to be a part of Oliver’s jokes that is. Oliver Giraud is a French comedienne who lived in the US for quite some time. It was a one-man show which I think he delivered very well. He was very animated, his facial expressions were hilarious. At some point though during the performance, he got really distracted by an audience’s infectious laughter which actually made him laugh as well. It went on for a few seconds until he could compose himself once again. Although it was a satire comedy which is actually of course focused to ridicule the most obvious Parisian stereotypes (that they are rude and appear to be miserable all the time), he was not at all offensive. I noticed that those who laughed the loudest were actually the Parisians themselves.

This is absolutely a must-see if you have the time while you’re in Paris or maybe even London as he’s also going to do some shows there. It is only EUR24 per person which is really worth every penny. A very good alternative as a nightout while you’re in Paris rather than just having dinner and drinks. Although it is highly NOT recommended for you to go as a family, no matter how old your children are. It will be quite uncomfortable for the whole family once Oliver starts to discuss the Parisian’s lovemaking skills. LOL.

You may book your tickets on their website: How to become a Parisian in one hour.


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  • LaVagabonde May 20, 2013 at 11:50

    Sounds very entertaining!

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