Things To Do in Paris: Take a nap at the Luxembourg Gardens

I already had a clear idea in my mind that I will spend at least half a day in this garden which I have missed to visit the first time I was in Paris. It was one of the places that I was looking forward to visit for this trip, this and the Sacre Coeur. I bought an eclair, hot coffee and water from the bakery just across the garden before entering the park. It was a perfect park day as it was not very chilly. It was a Saturday which explains the big number of people roaming around the park.


Being the second largest public park in Paris, the crowd was not at all annoying. It’s massive and it would be very impossible not to find a spot for you to relax. I was taking photo of a kid trying to reach something from the huge fountain in front of the Luxembourg Palace when a man started a conversation with me in broken English. I found out that he is Italian, from Rome and that he would like to have lunch with me. I declined the offer but he was persistent and he kept following me around. At some point, a group of Chinese tourists came by and I pretended that I was with them and joined their flock as they walked around the park. I apologize to the group’s leader for joining them without paying for the tour, for what it’s worth – I didn’t understand anything she said anyway so there is no reason for me to pay for her services.


We were in front of the statue of liberty when I realized that I lost the Italian guy who was hungry for lunch so I left my newly-found Chinese friends and went back towards the Luxembourg Palace. I sat on one of the reclined benches, propped my feet up and ate my eclair. It’s such a nice place to just sit around and watch everything that is happening around you. I love the fact that Paris has this park where children can enjoy and be active and not just be inside their homes playing a video game. I brought my book with me but I had no inclination of opening a page of it since I was so engrossed of the activities all around me.


Sitting there for a long time actually made me sleepy. I realized that I’ve been walking around the city for the past week and that was the very first time that I actually felt relaxed, in no hurry. I have all the time in the world – well at least until 6pm that day as I was to meet my good friend K to watch a show. It was still early though, so I leaned my head back and closed my eyes still aware of what’s been going on around me – or so I thought. When I opened my eyes, a good 15 minutes already passed by. I blame the cool breeze and the warm rays of the sun against my face but frankly though, I needed that nap.


As soon as I regained my strength and was no longer feeling lazy, I walked around some more. Took some photos, watched the kids at the playground, bought myself an icecream (sugar fix) and just walked around the huge park without really knowing where to go.


Then I heard music, a very faint one. It sounded like an orchestra so I followed the direction where the sound was coming from.


I was unable to figure out what the performance was for or who they were but they played well – mostly 90’s songs which sounded awesome to be played by an orchestra. This free performance just made me love the Luxembourg Gardens even more. 🙂


I left the park at around 5 in the afternoon to meet my friend. The Luxembourg metro station is right in front of its entrance which adds up to the convenience to reach this park. It’s a must-see when in Paris, if you have half a day to spare.

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Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France


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