Things To Do in Paris: Enjoy the nightlife in Bastille.

My friend K brought me to a bar in Opera first but we found the supposedly “hip” bar a total bore so we went to Bastille instead and tried our luck there. Bastille reminded me of Malate in Manila – lots of bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, bistros lining up the streets of Bastille. K told me that it is most popular to the younger crowds since the prices of the establishments in this area are mid-range. So if you’re a traveler on a budget but would not want to miss out on the lively nightlife of Paris, head to Bastille.


Being a Saturday, the place was packed. It was actually only 9pm when we went there but we already had a hard time looking for an empty table in the bars/clubs. K initially brought me to a club. Yes, a club. I forgot to tell her that I have long retired myself from going into clubs because the loud music gives me a mini heart attack – comes with the age I guess or maybe I have already reached the adult’s maturity level. Hooray for me!

Nope, not for me anymore.

Nope, not for me anymore.

So we went to the next door pub/bar called Yellow Mad Monkey which is an American bar with an interior which looks like you’ve walked inside a jungle. It was a bit grungy but the crowd is a little more laidback – everybody looks like they’re all having a good time without the need to be flashy. It was full, K approached a guy who she has mistaken to be a waiter and asked for a table for two. The guy who was probably mesmerized by my friend’s beauty immediately fixed two chairs at the bar and offered each of us a free shot of tequila which we gladly took of course. I then later realized that he wasn’t working at the bar when he joined some other people behind us and didn’t look like he was assisting them to get a seat. LOL. It was a fun night but I wouldn’t give all the credits to the bar itself as it was mostly because I had a good company with me.

With K, the girl who can make a waiter out of any guy. LOL

With K, the girl who can make a waiter out of any guy. LOL

We left the bar at around 1 am since I need to wake up early the next day to go to Strasbourg. That was my last night in Paris and it was a really good way to cap off my Parisian trip. Thanks to K and her warm hospitality. She made sure that we’ll have some time together even if she herself is one busy bee in this lovely city of Paris.



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  • Pinay Flying High May 24, 2013 at 00:04

    Hahaha! At least I am not alone but I don’t think we are old, you will just reach a point that you’ll tell yourself: I’m done! :-p

  • nadamohammed May 21, 2013 at 22:39

    Cool. I would like to hear more about K 🙂 I don’t think it’s because of your age that you don’t enjoy clubbing anymore. It’s probably because you already lived out that stage of your life and have moved to the next one 🙂

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