Things To Do in Parga: Be Lazy At Valtos Beach

Shore of Cape North West Hotel in Parga

After checking in at Valtos Beach Hotel, we decided to just spend the rest of the afternoon at the beach opposite the hotel. We were already in our second week of our holiday in Greece, mostly driving around and as much as I hate to admit it – I was already very tired at the time. I wasn’t feeling very adventurous that afternoon we arrived in Parga and I wasn’t really up for a drive to go to a beach when we have one right in front of the hotel. So after I took a quick shower, we went for a walk at the beach and decided to go to the farthest right end of it where Cape North West Hotel was.

Valtos Beach, Parga

Valtos Beach, Parga

Valtos beach is lined up with tavernas, hotels and even a small grocery store. It’s a perfect base for anyone as it has everything you need. Cape North West Hotel at the very end of this long stretch of sand offers sunbeds and parasols at the beach. They’ve got a beach bar servicing this area and I must say that the service was horrible. It was being manned by one woman only who looks like she’s not very happy at all doing that, well I can’t blame her. I’d probably be the same if I was her. So we ended up not ordering from her but going directly to the bar just so we won’t add up to her confusion. Since this area is at the very end of Valtos beach, it was kind of secluded and far away from the crowd.

Shore of Cape North West Hotel in Parga

Cape North West Hotel in Parga

The beach on this end is of fine sand. I’ve divided my time here between lounging on my sun bed while reading my book and taking a dip in the water trying to get as much sun all the while. The sea was calm with no waves at all, just how I like it. It was a nice feeling to just float on the water taking your time without having the need to rush to bask in the beauty of your surroundings so that you can head on to the next beach. I think that was our mistake in Corfu, we were always rushing to see as much beach as we can which made me really very tired. We changed our gameplan in Parga, we decided to take it slow.

Shore of Cape North West Hotel in Parga

A good book, margarita and the beach – my kind of relaxation.

You’ve got the view of the castle from here and the nearby town of Parga can also be glimpsed. The hills surrounding the beach with its lush vegetation makes this a very laidback area for me or maybe, I just felt that way because I prefer to see it that way as I was feeling extremely lazy that day.

View of the Venetian Castle from Valtos Beach

Great view of the castle from Valtos Beach.

After sunset, we decided to head back to the hotel to freshen up before going to Parga town for dinner. Valtos beach is not the greatest beach in Parga per se but it’s a great alternative specially if you’re staying in the area and feeling lazy to drive around.

Valtos Beach in Parga

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