Things To Do in New York: Have a meal at Little Italy.

Little Italy

After spending much of our day capturing the beauty of New York City from the Empire State Building, we decided to go to Little Italy for lunch. We took a cab which was a horrible idea since it was rush hour (everyone’s going for lunch maybe?) and cabs in the area of the Empire State Building is scarce at the time. Anyway, we arrived at Little Italy and decided to have our meal at Amici II Ristorante. A bit disappointed because they didn’t have an outdoor dining area which was shown on Foursquare.

I had a generous huge portion of spaghetti al frutti di mare which was amazingly delicious. Yum yum! Everyone seem to be pleased with their orders though except for the father-in-law, he can’t accept the fact that an Italian restaurant does not have a proper mozzarella cheese. I can understand his frustration.

Little Italy

Little Italy

Little Italy

After the heavy meal, we walked around and realized that Little Italy is too tiny. It’s just this one strip of street and nothing else. The architectural design of the buildings was different though from the ones that I see near our hotel in Times Square, it looks more like the New York that I was expecting.

We had coffee at Caffe Roma to kill time while the brother-in-law together with his wife decided to go to the neighboring Chinatown which was also a disappointment for them. I saw some other Italian restaurants lining the tiny street of Little Italy which looks quite interesting. Maybe it is worth a visit at night, or maybe not.


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