Things To Do in Maryland: Visit the charming county of Frederick.

Frederick, Maryland, USA

We visited Frederick a couple of times while the husband was with me in Maryland. It was a short drive away from my mother’s house and we both fell in love with it the first time we saw it. I was mesmerized and surprised that such a lovely town existed, it’s so pretty that it felt like I’ve walked in a movie set.

Frederick, Maryland, USA

I loved the architectural design of the buildings in the downtown area of Frederick. It reminded me so much of Europe. The best part of it all is, unlike the pretty cities of Europe which is too congested by tourists – Frederick County is so understated that we were the only tourists there at the time. People were looking weirdly at us as we took photos of each street corners that we see.

Frederick, Maryland, USA

The main street was lined up with little boutiques, shops and restaurants. We bought our wedding rings in a small jewelry shop near the Court of Frederick county, it looked like a family-ran business which is what I loved about it. I didn’t want to buy a mass-produced ring from big brands, I wanted something unique which will make it more personal for me.

Frederick, Maryland, USA

We passed by the Carroll Creek Park which started out as flood control project in the late 1970s but was renovated and reconstructed to add more charm to the already charming atmosphere of the county.

Baker Park is another beautiful park in Frederick where we had our wedding day photos taken.

Baker Park, Frederick, Maryland

Baker park, Photo taken by the brother-in-law 🙂

There are a lot of other things that I know I have missed out from this lovely county but since I still have a lot of time to go back, I’d definitely try to see all of it.


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