Things To Do in Lefkada: Take a dip in the freezing water of Nidri waterfalls.

If you ever find yourself in Lefkada, never miss the opportunity to visit Nidri waterfalls. It’s not really spectacular specially for me who’ve seen much more nicer falls in the Philippines but it’s a different experience from all the beaches that you’re going to visit in Lefkada. I like fresh water more than salty water which is why I prefer lakes and falls over beaches. So when I saw this place on Pinterest, I immediately told the boyfriend that we must see it and I must take a dip in that falls.

It’s not too far away from Nydri’s port, if I am not mistaken it only took us about 15 mins to reach the parking lot at the start of the path for hiking. The hike then will take another 20 minutes or so but it’s not really such a pain since it’s already been developed complete with railings, steps and flat surface.



The way to Nidri waterfalls is very scenic and very different, it was refreshing to my eyes to see that much of trees up close. We’ve spent most of our days in Lefkada seeing only the hues of blues of the sea so the greeneries surrounding me during the hike was a welcome change for my eyes. Since it’s September, the falls doesn’t have much water so the stream on the way to the falls was dry. It would’ve been a lot more nicer if it wasn’t.

What's left of the stream, dry rocks.

What’s left of the stream, dry rocks.

As we got nearer to the falls, the path becomes a little bit tricky. It becomes huge rocks which are a bit slippery to step on. As soon as you’ve managed your way through these rocks, this view will greet you:


That will probably make you walk faster just as it did to me as I cannot wait to see the rest of it. The only problem is, the path becomes a climb which isn’t so high but it doesn’t have any railings and the steps are quite steep. So if you miss a step, you’ll fall in between the huge boulders of rocks below you. So I was being extra careful and didn’t really mind if I was already causing a traffic jam of tourists behind me. LOL. The hike’s all worth it once you’ve reached the top and seen the whole of the falls:


I was curious why people were going there just to take photos and not swim in it but that didn’t stop me from going in the water. As soon as I managed to get down from the huge boulders of rocks, I understood why – the water was so damn cold! It’s like dipping your body in a bucket of ice. I think I just stayed in there for 10 minutes or maybe even less because my legs already felt numb from the cold. I thought that after the hike which made me sweat, the water would be refreshing and I’d be able to stay there for a longer time. Well, not really. LOL.

Preparing to get in, shirt and shorts removed. Bring it on!

Preparing to get in, shirt and shorts removed. Bring it on!

Myself slowly getting in the icy water. I also must say that I slipped while doing that. LOL.

Myself slowly getting in the icy water. I also must say that I slipped while doing that. LOL.

Tada!!!! Can you tell that I was freezing?

Tada!!!! Can you tell that I was freezing?

The way back was easier of course and at the end of the path, you’ll find a taverna where you can refuel with snacks, drinks or even a meal – depending on how tiring the hike was for you. 🙂


Nidri Waterfalls is a must-see while in Lefkada, never ever miss it.

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