Things To Do in Lefkada: Let The Paradise That Is Egremni Beach Take Your Breathe Away

Hands down, this is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen during this trip. The only thing that I regret was we took the cruise to get there which only gives us 50 lousy minutes to spend our time there. I wasn’t even getting comfortable yet as I lied down on the pebbled beach when the cruise ship that we’re taking blasted its horns already which means that it’s time to go back to the boat. You bet I was cursing nonstop as I walked back to it and I was mentally kicking my arse for booking that stupid cruise. So there’s a tip for you, NEVER BOOK A CRUISE TO GO TO EGREMNI BEACH.

Egremni Beach, Lefkada, Greece

The alternative way to access the beach is to go there before 10am to secure a parking spot and then hike the 300++ steps to get down to the beach itself. The remoteness of it makes it more enticing for the travelers because not all people can brave the hike. I wasn’t in the mood for the hike which is why we booked the cruise but if only I knew that the cruise will only stop for 50 minutes and if only I believed the reviews about the beauty of this beach – I would’ve been up as early as 6am to start my hike down to it so we can secure a good spot. I would’ve spent the whole day in that paradise. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve. Aaaaaarrrggghhhh!!!! Why did we book that stupid cruise??? Why? Why? Why?

Here’s the beach that I’m talking about.

Egremni Beach, LEfkada, Greece

The water is of different shades of turquoise blue, it’s amazing and my eyes practically were feasting on it. I didn’t want to blink. No, seriously. You don’t want to miss a single second of looking at it specially if you’ve only got 50 minutes to see it.

Egremni Beach, LEfkada, Greece

The sea was a bit rough with powerful waves and gets deep quickly so you’ve got to be really careful. It’s beautiful yet deadly for some, like I am who’s not a very good swimmer. :p But to drown in this beach will probably a good way of dying for me. People will ask, how did she die? And the answer will be: She died in peace in Egremni beach in Greece. That would’ve made my spirit leap with joy everytime someone would say that. LOL.

Egremni Beach, LEfkada, Greece

I heard the sunset is amazing here. Why did I book that cruise again????

We spent what little time we have in the shaded part of the beach, covered by the shadows of the cliff surrounding it. It really is amazing, the photos doesn’t even come close to what my eyes actually saw while there.

I left the place with a heavy heart and told myself that I will come back. I MUST.

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