Things To Do in Lefkada: Go beach hopping.

There are about 20 beaches that you can go to while in Lefkada however, it is quite impossible for you to visit all unless you’re going to stay there for a long time. You might think “it’s a beach! once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all” but that’s really not the case for Lefkada, or Greece in general. Its nature is so diverse that every single beach has something different to offer. Some are sandy, some are pebbled. Some got waves, some have very calm waters. Some are famous for kite surfing while some are famous for being tranquil and peaceful. Apart from all that, the scenery changes as well when you go from one beach to another. You will never have the same experience in each of the beaches that you’re going to visit while in Lefkada, you’d really want to explore as much of it as you can.

Here are some of the beaches we visited while we’re there. I’ve skipped Porto Katsiki and Egremni beach as those two deserves a separate post each – yes they were THAT great. 🙂 I’ve enumerated the places according to how visited it, in chronological order. :p

Gialos Beach


If you want to avoid the crowd of Porto Katsiki and would love to spend your time in a quieter and more peaceful beach, then Gialos fits your requirements to a tee. The beach is a combination of sand and pebbles. There is a small cafeteria right above the coast where you can get some refreshments and snacks. It doesn’t have much of a scenic view to offer though as compared to Porto Katsiki or Egremni Beach so it was quite disappointing for me to see after I’ve just spent about 3 hours basking in the beauty of Porto Katsiki. We’ve passed by Gialos beach on our way back to Nydri from Porto Katsiki, we didn’t stay much and I basically just took some photos of it. Some people prefer this beach which is not too crowded, it’s not really a preference for me though. Not because I want the crowd but it doesn’t really have much to offer when it comes to the scenery.


Vasiliki Beach


For water sports enthusiasts, Vasiliki beach will be heaven for you. It has gained a worldwide reputation for being one of the best spots for windsurfing. The water was calm when we were there but it was quite windy. We can see a lot of windsurfers from afar doing their tricks. Just like Nydri, you can also take ferry boats from Vasiliki to go to the nearby Ionian islands. It has a more laidback atmosphere though as compared to the lively Nydri.


It’s a charming fishing village – accommodation, restaurants and shops are abundant. We ate at To Kyma Taverna by the beach and stuffed ourselves with seafood. 🙂



Kathisma Beach


I don’t really know why Kathisma is a favorite of many, it was even described to us by the owner of the hotel that we’re staying in as the “most beautiful beach in Lefkada”. When someone says that to you, your expectations just go wild specially if you’ve already seen the beauty of Porto Katsiki. So when we arrived in Kathisma, I was very disappointed. It looks dirty from afar which turns out to be just because of the sandy features of the beach. It’s also flocked with annoying sellers of fake watches, bags, trinkets and even massage. At some point, I was already falling asleep but then was woken up by someone asking me if I wanted some donuts. LOL.

Paragliding and sky parachuting are both very popular here as well. The company doing those activities is camped right on the beach so you can directly book it with them while there. The sea was also a bit rough in Kathisma, the kind which will make you struggle to get out of the water because the waves seem to draw you back in. Not very safe for small children or bad swimmers like me. 🙂 We stayed in this beach for about 3 hours as the boyfriend loved it, up until now I really still don’t know why.

Pefkoulia Beach


We’ve only passed by this beach and didn’t stay for long, basically I just took some photos. The scenery was wonderful though as the beach is backdropped by a mountain. From above, the sea looks a bit rough and rocky.


The beach is very close to Agios Nikitas which is the reason why some people mistake this as Agios Nikitas beach. There were not much people when we passed by it but I guess it’s because the beach is too spacious that it doesn’t look overcrowded.


Those were the only ones that we’ve seen while there apart from Porto Katsiki and Egremni, it’s a shame I know. There’s always a next time though to visit Lefkada. Fingers crossed! 🙂

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