Things To Do In Lefkada: Enjoy The Cozyness of Agios Nikitas

We weren’t really planning to see Agios Nikitas, in fact we were headed elsewhere when we passed by it and the boyfriend saw a lot of cars parked in the area. He decided to check it out and luckily, we’re able to find a parking spot right in front of the square of Agios Nikitas which in fact is the entrance of the place.

Agios Nikitas is a small fishing village with traditional houses and packed with Greek tavernas. It reminded me so much of Santorini. In my mind, I was feeling jealous of the people who were staying in this area it was very cozy and if you’re staying here, you don’t really need to go far for dinner. It’s a pedestrian zone which is what I really love about it, you don’t have to worry about cars as you walk around the area. Nydri is exactly the same thing but Agios Nikitas has a lot more of the traditional character and cozyness in it.





There is a small beach at the end of the road which isn’t too crowded but I suppose it’s because we were there at around 6pm. The sea looks calm and it would’ve been a really good place to spend your day in, too bad we weren’t able to do so.

This looks like Little Venice in Mykonos. :)

This looks like Little Venice in Mykonos. 🙂


We decided to have dinner there and chose Taverna Lefteris randomly. When we sat at the outside table of the restaurant, there were no people at all but then it was packed when we left. That usually happens to us, I guess we attract customers. LOL. We should have our meals for free. :p The taverna was packed mostly with tourists and the owner told the boyfriend that he’s the only Greek eating at the place at that time. LOL. I had pork souvlaki, my first and last souvlaki for this trip. You shouldn’t miss Lefteris Taverna’s tzatziki which had lots and lots of garlic in it – just how we love our tzatziki to be.

Spot the boyfriend. :)

Spot the boyfriend. 🙂

This meal right here is too heavy even for a whale like me. :p

This meal right here is too heavy even for a whale like me. :p

When we asked for the bill, the owner went to our table and looked at what we had. Wrote down everything in a piece of paper and manually computed the total bill. We paid and did not receive a receipt. The boyfriend didn’t like it and he was thinking about it the whole night – he can’t believe that he’s been looted. I didn’t think that was the case though but yeah, not giving a receipt will probably make you think that. We paid around EUR55 which is the normal amount that we usually pay for the two of us so I don’t think we’ve been looted. I hope not. 🙂


After the dinner, we walked around some more and the boyfriend told me the same thing that I was thinking – we should’ve stayed in this place.


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Agios Nikitas, LEfkada, Greece


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  • Edwin January 1, 2019 at 13:07

    He has been manually adding up the bill’s for 13 years, it is his way of keping the mind up to par. 😉 He has a written copy of the addition on the first table . 😉

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