Things To Do in Disneyland Paris: Disney Magic on Parade

April 24, 2013

Still a part of their 20th anniversay, Disneyland Paris launched an updated and more elaborate Disney Magic on Parade which happens everyday. During our visit, the parade started at 5pm however people were already lining up on the Main Street as early as 4pm to get the front row view of this much-awaited event. For us though, since we were holding the VIP passes, we have a dedicated area with the best view of all. It was situated from where the parade starts.

It’s mainly a show where all of the characters will be in – dancing, singing, acting, waving to the crowd showing much attention to their main audience: the kids. It’s funny when you see the reaction of the kid’s faces as soon as they see the characters in front of them, they all get speechless and possibly shocked. I don’t think those kids were able to sleep that night after that. It’s a must-see if you have children and if you are Disney fanatics.









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