Things To Do in Disneyland Paris: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

Mickey's gone Emirati for a night.

Mickey’s gone Emirati for a night.

Apart from the myriad of thrilling rides in Disneyland Paris that you can choose from, they also have shows which is generally for the purpose of children’s amusement but can be good for adults too. One of which is Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. It’s a dinner show which basically means that you get to see the show and have dinner too, in case it’s not very obvious yet. They have two shows daily, one at 1830 and another at 2130. Highly recommended for families with kids who are obsessed with cowboys, American Indians, horses, bulls – well, you get the picture. It is EUR60 for adults and EUR40 for kids (free for kids below 3 years of age) and advanced booking is highly recommended as it’s quite a popular show. The venue is at Disney Village and to be honest, there is no need for you to book the front row seats as you will have a good view of the whole show from just about anywhere inside the venue.


The theme is, well cowboys and horses. It’s a very interactive show with audience participation which the kids will definitely love. At some point, they have asked for audience to participate in their gun-shooting competition (this show is probably not shown in the US’s Disney what with all the gun control that they have there right now).






The food is not bad at all. The price includes beans for appetizers, a basket of nachos as well will be on the table as soon as you arrive. For main course, you’ll get potatoes, grilled chicken, grilled pork sausage and grilled pork ribs – all of which were good. They also have the vegetarian option as well and some of our Muslim colleagues were given a seafood meal as an alternative. The price also includes unlimited beer, softdrinks, iced teas and juices. The only thing that you’d have to pay extra is if you are to order wine.


Frankly though, I was too busy eating that I didn’t even understand what the storyline of the show was. 🙂

They even give you free cowboy hats... :)

They even give you free cowboy hats… Lol


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