Things To Do In Corfu: Watch The Sunset At Logas Beach

Logas Beach in Corfu

Logas Beach in Corfu

From Cape Drastis, we went to the nearby Peroulades beach which is also known as Logas Beach or Sunset Beach. It was a quiet day with not much people in the area, we found a parking spot quite easily. There is a steep, cemented road leading towards the beach which is accessible only by foot and just by looking at it I was already feeling tired so we just stayed at the taverna called Panorama overlooking the beach. The taverna had a viewpoint made entirely of glass which of course gives you a fantastic bird’s eye view of the whole of Logas beach. I’m afraid of heights as you probably know by now so when I stepped on to the glass floor and I could see the narrow shoreline of the beach down below me, my knees started to shake and I had to immediately hold on to the railings.

I took a deep breathe and told myself that I MUST suck it up and be brave enough so I can take a photo of Logas beach from this viewpoint. I can hear the guy behind me chuckling as I took baby steps to reach the end of the viewpoint with my knees shaking and my heart beating so fast all the while. It was worth it. I’m proud of myself for being able to get over my fear of heights at that time for the sake of a good photo of this amazing scenery.

Logas Beach in Corfu

As you can see, the sandy shoreline is very narrow. You will have to walk through the water, past through the cliffs if you wish to go to the more secluded part of the beach which of course is still accessible by foot.

Logas Beach in Corfu

It is widely known that the sunset in this part of the island is amazing – thus, the name of the beach: Logas Sunset beach. I really can’t say how true it is since we were not able to see it. We just stayed at the taverna for a few drinks and left for another beach which does not require a hike. 🙂 We’re lazy, I know and it should be considered a crime specially if it makes you miss the opportunity of being able to bask in the beauty of nature such as this one. I’d probably say that you’ll have to be extremely fit to be able to explore each and every amazing beaches of Greece.

Logas Beach in Corfu

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Logas Beach, Corfu, Greece


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