Things To Do in Corfu: Fall in love with Canal d’Amour

Canal d'Amour


Canal d’Amour is the reason why I begged the boyfriend to go to Corfu. I have always wanted to see it and would like to know if it’s as beautiful as it is on the photos.

Canal d'Amour

On our second day in Corfu, we let our GPS guide us from our hotel to Sidari beach at around 12 noon. The small streets going to the beach of Sidari are lined up with restaurants, bars, grocery stores, hotels and souvenir shops. It looks lively even at that time so I can only imagine how fun (noisy) it would’ve been if we went there at night. We are no longer the “party people” that we used to be so we were really not feeling jealous of the people who are staying in the hotels around the vicinity of Sidari beach.

Canal d'Amour

I didn’t like Sidari beach that much though, the water was too shallow and murky. There were a lot of seaweeds at the shore and it’s just too crowded. I wouldn’t have gone there if not for the fact that Canal d’Amour is there. Well, is it as lovely as in the photos? No. Not really, in fact not at all because it’s soooooooOOOOOOO much lovelier when you actually see it.

Canal d'Amour

Channel of Love or Canal d’Amour is located in the west side of Sidari beach. The unique rock formations create numerous canals and coves which makes Canal d’Amour a very scenic and romantic place. It’s lovely, remarkable and breathtaking, you’d just want to sit there and enjoy the beauty of this place. If not for the fact that it was full of tourists trying to capture the beauty of the channel through their photographs, I would’ve stayed there longer just to let it sink into me. It’s a view that you wouldn’t be tired of looking at. We swam for a bit at the Canal d’Amour beach which has a very small shore. According to tradition, couples who swim through its narrow canal will get married soon. * wink * wink *

Canal d'Amour

With all the cliffs surrounding the place, it also attracts the braver souls to do some bits of cliff jumping. I’m not one of them so I just took a video of this guy:


The actual video was about 6 minutes long as I took it as soon as the diver started climbing the cliff. When he reached the top, he became a bit hesitant. It was only after he was teased and cajoled by his friends that he finally jumped off the cliff. As a mere spectator, I was also holding my breathe for him. I’m such a sissy, I know.

You’ll have to include Canal d’Amour in your bucket list, that’s the best life-altering advice I can probably give anyone right now. You’re welcome. 🙂

Canal d'Amour

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Canal d'Amour, Corfu, Greece


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