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October 29, 2010

i’m not particularly sure if it’s the hormones or PMS or the things listed below are just plainly annoying as it gets the bejesus out of me everytime:

– i know this person who randomly speaks a foreign language even when he/she’s surrounded by people who are from the neck of his/her/its woods. i just find it really really annoying that he/she needs to let people know that he/she knows another language other than his/her mother tongue and english. i hope you know that you look foolish showing that off, stupid as you very well know that none of the people around you can understand what you’re saying and none of us will even try to understand your desperate need for attention and last but not the least, you’re just plainly annoying. FYI, Germans speak in english when surrounded by non-german speaking people. Got that? No? then you’re just stupid.

2. MAKING A DIARY OUT OF FB STATUS UPDATES.– sign up for a blog because in real world, nobody really cares if you’ve done 100 push ups inside the gym.

3. PEOPLE WHO KEEPS ON POSTING STATUS UPDATES ABOUT A FIGHT HE/SHE IS HAVING WITH HER/HIS BF/GF.– he loves me, he loves me not. you don’t have to put everything on facebook specially if you’re just going to retract everything you’ve just posted or worst yet, delete it after a dozen of your pseudo-friends commented on it who by the way just want to keep up with the gossip so they can talk about you behind your back at work. you’re ridiculous, psycho, pathetic and crazy – just some of the things i’ve heard from your pseudo-friends. thought you should know.


– i hate kids, enough said. but the worst kinds are those who are running all over the place or bawling/wailing in the middle of a mall. i remember when i was a kid, just one glare from my aunt or my mom, i already know i’m in trouble and will stop whatever it is that i’m doing because i love my life and i want to grow older. but these kids nowadays just do whatever they want while the parents just shrug with disregard like they can’t do anything about their children. if you can’t control your kids and can’t teach them to behave like say a human being, then for the love of all things good, don’t have one.

during a peak time at work, about 10 passengers waiting for their turn are sitting at the waiting area then a guy comes in, dressed in suit talking to someone on the phone. upon seeing the number of people waiting, he suddenly walks upto me while i was dealing with a passenger:

ARROGANT AIRHEAD: i’m a (insert name of airline company here) gold card member. is there any way for me to be serviced first as i really can’t wait for a long time.
PISSED TRAVEL AGENT: well, do you have (insert name of my company here) platinum card?
SATISFIED TRAVEL AGENT FOR PUTTING A JOKE ON THE ARROGANT PASSENGER: well then, have a seat please and wait for your turn.

there’s no such thing as a platinum card but the guy’s definitely asking for my quick sarcastic response over his arrogance. i mean, how can he even think that he can just storm in with his guns blazing (read: a gold card frequent flyer membership which i believe was all paid for by his company) and skip 10 people in line who have been waiting to be attended for more than half an hour? a gold card doesn’t really give you the license to make yourself feel superior over people who are just like you, paying for our services. maybe if you’ll go directly to the airline where you’ve got the card from they’ll be able to give you preferential treatment, but not thru us, a travel agency. silly.


PASSENGER: i want to change my ticket, where do i go?
ME: which airline is it and where did you buy it from?
PASSENGER: it’s with (insert name of an airline company here) and i bought it online.
ME: then you need to their counter, upstairs at the mezzanine floor.
PASSENGER: so i need to go up?
ME (with a sweet smile on my face): no no, just wait here and i’ll call someone to pick you up with a wheelchair. just wait, i’ll call them right now.
PASSENGER: (laughs at her own silliness)

i wasn’t pissed at that time but just had the urge to scratch my head in disbelief of how people’s brains function these days.

– that’s the worst, smelling someone who stink so bad when you’re hungry and haven’t eaten anything yet. it makes you want to throw up. there’s a very good thing invented years ago called: DEODORANT. use it! and just because winter is fast approaching, it doesn’t mean that you’ll just take a shower once a month instead of once a week as what you did when it was summer with a 50 degree heat outside. and while you’re in the groceries searching for DEODORANTS, why don’t you go to the bathroom aisle as well and get yourselves a LOOFAH. again, another fantastic invention that you should all use. Click here to know how to use a loofah as clearly, you’ve never used one before or to put it more clear, you’ve never SEEN one before. I know loofahs are for exfoliation but a bath sponge won’t work for you… What? Seriously? you don’t know what a bath sponge is???

what about you? what ticks you off these days???

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  • Reply mindy November 26, 2010 at 12:39

    i love this blog. LOL i was searching for how to deal with annoying ppl and this came up. I am a hairdresser, so I know what it’s like to work with the public. lol keep it up. you made me laugh. i know a lot about stinky ppl, and arrogant/stupid ppl.

    • Reply galatea234 November 26, 2010 at 19:54

      hi mindy! you were searching for how to deal with annoying people???? ahhhhhh i’m afraid there is no solution for that, some things in this world are just meant to stay and thus, we just need to deal with it as it is……. too bad for us, normal people. 🙂 thanks for reading the blog! do share some of your ideas if you find any answer to our question. 😉

  • Reply thetravellingfilmjunkie November 5, 2010 at 19:54

    tsk tsk tsk… slow… jejejeje.

  • Reply thetravellingfilmjunkie November 1, 2010 at 20:53

    mhay nameez ka poh. jejejeje!

    • Reply galatea234 November 5, 2010 at 12:05

      i just stared at your comment for about 2mins figuring out what the hell you just typed there. hahaha. patayin ang mga jejemons!!!!

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