Things To Do In Amsterdam: Get on that canal cruise boat.

Unique architecture of the houses along Amsterdam Canal during an Amsterdam Canal Cruise.

I practically had only 8 hours to explore the city of Amsterdam and yes, it wasn’t enough. I can’t really complain though as it was just a small part of a huge European itinerary that I have at the time, in fact I think we went there just to have a break from a very long journey from Vienna. I’ve got to make the most out of the few hours that I have so I went straight to the tourist information kiosk right in the center of the city and asked the friendly Dutch guy as to what are the things to do in this beautiful city that I just can’t miss. He immediately told me to go on a canal cruise and then to Zaanse Schans (more on this later), so I booked a ticket for both.

The canal cruise is a must for first time visitors or like me, those who doesn’t have enough time to explore the city on foot. It gives you a great perspective of the city and in my case, made me mentally kick my arse for not having a longer stay here.

A period tower along Amsterdam Canal, amsterdam canal cruise

There are various companies operating a canal cruise tour. I didn’t really bother much about it as I took the first one which was departing the soonest from the time that I booked it. They include a commentary on each of the tours but to tell you very frankly, I picked up too little from the commentary as I was too busy taking photos from the boat. 🙂

Houses along the canals of Amsterdam

I love a city which has a body of water in it, I’m not really sure why. I think a place becomes more interesting and prettier if it has a body of water. The entire city of Amsterdam is spread over the banks of the canals which makes this cruise very popular amongst the tourists. The houses along the canals are quaint and clearly shows their unique architecture.

Unique architecture of the houses along Amsterdam Canal.

Along with the architecture and seeing the daily lives of the locals, you will also see a huge number of bridges during your canal cruise.

It was also my first time to see a houseboat, can you ever live in a boat? I can’t, plainly because I get seasick easily. Lol.

Houseboat along the canals of Amsterdam

With all the touristy boat cruises and the normal houseboats, surely they’d need some sort of a way to organize the traffic along the canals right? So yes, they have a stoplight in it. :p

Stoplight along the Amsterdam Canals.

The cruise I’ve heard is much better and more romantic if done in the evening, I can imagine why. Maybe next time.

Architectural design of the houses along the canals of Amsterdam during an Amsterdam Canal Cruise.

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  • titaniummike February 12, 2014 at 13:20

    Always lovely to see and read about visits to my country! Travel tip: next time you’re here, get on that bicycle 🙂 Amsterdam is best seen on two wheels (or your feet).

    • Pinay Flying High February 12, 2014 at 13:25

      I tried the bicycle, it’s not really recommendable for a dummy/clumsy like I am. Lol.

      • titaniummike February 12, 2014 at 13:27

        Oh that’s quite okay! One word: tandembike! Sit at the back and enjoy the scenery 🙂

        • Pinay Flying High February 15, 2014 at 11:28

          I will do that tandembike thing next time I go there. I am definitely going back to Amsterdam as it was too short a time the last I was there, it’s a beautiful city.

  • Mitzie Mee January 26, 2014 at 18:39

    I’ve heard so many nice things about Amsterdam. The city is supposed to be a lot like Copenhagen, and in your pictures, it looks very Danish indeed:)

    • Pinay Flying High January 27, 2014 at 00:12

      Copenhagen is in my bucket list Mitzie plainly because it looks like a modern fairy tale city. 🙂

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