Thessaloniki, Greece: Molyvos, A Vintage Dining Setting Offering Modern Cuisine.

Molyvos Restaurant, Thessaloniki, Greece

If I was living in Thessaloniki and had some friends or family visiting me for the first time, I’d definitely bring them to this restaurant called Molyvos in Valaoritou area which offers not only great food but also a superb, vintage setting.

After our overnight stay in Leptokaria, we headed back to Thessaloniki to have our last lunch with The Greek Mister’s friends. We were supposed to have our meal at a different restaurant in the area but it was closed since it was a Sunday. Luckily, Thessaloniki is one of those cities which offers an endless array of restaurants and bars for you to choose from so finding another establishment wasn’t hard to do.

Thessaloniki, Greece

The food hunters in Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki, Greece

On our way to Molyvos.

Molyvos was suggested by The Greek Mister’s friend who have tried it before and loved it. I’m not from Thessaloniki and haven’t really tried any other similar restaurants in the area (just want to be upfront about it in case you’re taking every single word I’m typing here seriously) but this restaurant surprised me in more ways than one. Good surprise that is.


Molyvos Restaurant, Thessaloniki, Greece

Molyvos Restaurant, Thessaloniki, Greece

The interior design of Molyvos gives an upscale and yet comfortable atmosphere. It’s classy without being pretentious. The vintage displays all over the place compliments the whole old-fashioned style of the restaurant. I can go on and on about how I love the little details thrown into the design of the restaurant but I still won’t be able to pinpoint what exactly it is that made me feel “at home” to this place. We dined at the second-floor level of the restaurant as it was too hot outside to dine al-fresco. Smoking is permitted inside as well, much to the delight of my Greek companions. :p

Molyvos Restaurant, Thessaloniki, Greece

Molyvos Restaurant, Thessaloniki, Greece

Once again, we ordered a lot of dishes to share. It’s always a feast when I dine with the Greeks. The servings were huge which made it possible for all of us to share all the dishes.

There’s one particular dish though which stood out from the rest, it’s called Tigania Monemvasias¬†which is fried pork and chicken bites cooked in mustard and ketchup (not sure if there’s ketchup but I’m definite that there’s mustard). I’m a big fan of all kinds of sauces to eat along with my dish and this is the very first time that I’ve eaten a Greek dish with a sauce other than tomato sauce. I loved it! It’s unique and refreshing for my taste buds.

Molyvos Restaurant, Thessaloniki, Greece

Tigania Monemvasias

With our tummy full and our taste buds satisfied, we asked for the bill which came with a plateful of honeyballs and a glass of refreshing iced tea for all of us. Don’t you just love this Greek custom of giving free desserts to their diners?

Molyvos Restaurant, Thessaloniki, Greece

Honey balls aka Greek donuts with ice cream.

The best part of it all was, our bill was only EUR92 for 6 people. I say “only” because that bill is only for the Greek Mister and myself when we go out for a dinner in Dubai or Doha where we reside. So yes, I was surprised that it only costs that much for the feast that we’ve had.

It’s definitely one of the best meals I’ve had in Thessaloniki but more than the ambiance of the restaurant, more than the great food and reasonable price – it was the company that I was with which made our meal more enjoyable.

Molyvos is definitely going to be that one place that we must always visit whenever we go back to Thessaloniki.

Molyvos Restaurant
31 Ionos Dragoumis Street, Thessaloniki, Greece
Website Facebook page
Tel No +30 231 055 5952

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