Thessaloniki, Greece | Coffee with a view at Castra Cafe Bar.

Casta Cafe Bar, Thessaloniki

I’ve been to Thessaloniki several times now but it was only last September was I able to fully explore the second largest city of Greece. The Greek Mister isn’t very impressed with his hometown which is normally what people feel towards a place they have grown very accustomed with. If it’s a normal sight in your day-to-day life you miss the beauty of it and only through the eyes of someone who have never seen it before will its beauty be appreciated.

I love Thessaloniki for the evident contrast of modern and ancient life through its architecture. Ancient ruins in the middle of the city is not uncommon to see here – one of which is the Old Castle in the Upper Town of Thessaloniki. The ancient walls which fortified the town is still in tact and outside these walls are cafes, restaurants, bars and tavernas which offers an incredible view of Thessaloniki. Castra Cafe Bar is located in this area.

Service wasn’t very good (a first in Greece that I’ve experienced) as we were met by a rather grumpy-looking lady who didn’t seem to be happy to see customers walking in their cafe. Lol. Our friends were already there waiting for us and were able to grab a front-row seat of the best aerial view of Thessaloniki. We only had coffee here which isn’t anything special really but the view from here is absolutely gorgeous! Must-visit during sunset.
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Castra Cafe Bar, Thessaloniki

Castra Cafe Bar, Thessaloniki

Castra Cafe Bar, Thessaloniki

Castra Cafe Bar, Thessaloniki

Castra Cafe Bar, Thessaloniki

For more of Thessaloniki’s highly recommended restaurants/cafes/bars/tavernas to visit, you may visit this post: Where To Eat and Drink in Thessaloniki.

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  • Packing my Suitcase December 11, 2015 at 14:36

    What a view!! Shame that the service isn’t good, sometimes I think many people just work in the wrong “department” 😀

    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  • Nada December 1, 2015 at 21:26

    WOW! stunning views! I would love to visit this city one day! Yeah I can understand why he wouldn’t think much of his hometown, since he grew up there. But it’s mesmerizing for anyone visiting for the first time. The combination of old and new makes for very interesting landscapes. I’m sure the coffee was great too! Greek coffee is known for its top quality.

    • Pinay Flying High December 2, 2015 at 09:47

      It’s definitely a view from up there. You should visit Thessaloniki when you go to Greece Nada. 🙂

  • Arianna December 1, 2015 at 18:00

    That´s such a great view! I have never been to that part of Greece, but I am planning a vacation there and I so going to follow your tips!

    Thanks and enjoy!

    • Pinay Flying High December 1, 2015 at 18:02

      Oh you will love it! It’s a very hip and happening city in Greece. 🙂

  • Anna December 1, 2015 at 16:13

    I’ve only been once in this area of Thessaloniki, which is a shame since the view is amazing. Trust me, I have a love – hate relationship with my hometown (Athens) but I always search for new places and lovely buildings (…to share on Instagram 😛 )

  • Photo Cache November 30, 2015 at 23:26

    You have such a nice smile. Even your eyes are smiling. That means you are happy where you are when this was taken. With beauty like this I don’t doubt that is the case. Happy Holidays

    • Pinay Flying High December 1, 2015 at 13:47

      Thank you! That’s so sweet! Happy holidays!

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