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There’s always the Plan B

August 8, 2008

Thursday night started out really really bad. Thanks to MonMon and her very good planning skills. I have my period and was moody plus the fact that i have a very short temper. Almost cancelled the night altogether if not for DenDen and the “pleading” sound of her text to continue on with the plan. (the girl bought a new top for this event so let’s all give her credits for that.. he he. kisses to DenDen) So anyway, MonMon knew how to pacify me and my moods…. “camera”. Ha Ha Ha! Am very easy to please, plus who would want to be caught in a photo shoot looking all grumpy and ugly??? So the flash of a camera can make my mood swing to the better side of life.

We went to Plan B at Wafi City, to finally satisfy that curiousity of this supposedly “hip and happening” place in Dubai. I am not exactly sure if this is another haven for cabin crews of Emirates Airlines or probably it’s just because that night was a graduation of some sort for them. Anyway, I already knew what my decision will be for this club even when I was still in queue outside looking for my ID – will never set foot on this bar again.

Am sorry for all the Plan B patrons, but I am entitled to my own opinion am I not? First of all, it’s a house/techno music (or whatever the hell it is they call it) – and am not really into that. Am a groovy, booty shaking girl and techno just don’t do it for me. Am more into RNB/hiphop, the likes of shakira, sean paul, rihanna… need I say more?

Another thing is, the crowd. Sure if you like screaming girls upon seeing some of their friends 10ft away from them, you’ll definitely like it here. I swear, even with the sound of techno music in its full blast you can still hear the screeching sound of these girls screams as they say hello to their friends.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE tracey!!!! how are youuuuuuuuuuu??????????????”

Geez…. ladies, calm down. It’s a pain in the ear.

Last but not the least, the boys….. they all look gay to me. :p Not exactly sure if they are cabin crews as well or just a friend but they sure can tolerate these girls’ screaming as they say hi and exchange hugs and kisses.

We were thought to be one of them, fresh cabin crew graduates. I would have said no if it was me who they asked if we were one of them, but MonMon said yes for whatever reasons.

In my myspace account,  I always get that question – “are you a crew?” and response will always be a “no” flat out. The follow up email will be in the line of “oh! I thought you were because  of your photos” – referring to the photos of my trips which are mostly done on a tight budget. Can’t the regular and ordinary peasants go on a Euro vacation on a very tight budget?

I have nothing against cabin crews, I even admire them for being one. But I will never be one of them. Why? It’s hard enough to deal with the passengers as a travel agent what more staying with them for more than 8 hours on a long haul flight asking you to serve them coffee, turn the lights on for them, give them something to read, entertain them yada yada yada. So no, I always get into word fights with some  of my passengers if they are being unreasonable as a travel agent. And I don’t think I will ever have the patience to deal with them inside a flying capsule for more than an hour. So.. kudos to the newly graduates of Emirates Crew.

Alright, so…. moving on. Final judgment is…. Plan B will just stay as it is. A Plan B, probably a Z even.

Thank God it’s inside Wafi City, a picturesque place. We had more fun taking pictures outside plan B. hehehe.

Afterwards, I was hungry. We went to QD’s only to find out that it’s already closed. Then headed to another one of the “dreaded” places here in Dubai – Rocky’s. Am very sorry again for the patrons of Rocky’s, but I really don’t like it there. Though the food is great. Just that, nothing else. Performers are………. not really worth seeing. If you like toilet humors and girls dressed in an all-white costume (which always shows off 95% of their skin) dancing into a cheap choreography (which usually involves banging their head forward and up to make their rebonded hairs flow back and forth) then this place is for you. It’s one horrific ensemble altogether, if not for the food…. I would never have set foot inside that place last night.

So after all these musings… you may have  thought I had a bad weekend – NOT!!!!! The company I have is just too awesome that no mishaps can ruin the night for us. So altogether, it was still a fun night. :p

P.S. Jambase is still the place to be.

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  • Reply Mitzie Mee April 30, 2014 at 17:05

    Just going through some of your old posts! Such a delight to get a glimpse of the 2008 version of the Highflying Pinay 🙂

    • Reply Pinay Flying High April 30, 2014 at 18:57

      Yikes! What are you doing on this page??? These days make me cringe!!! Lol

  • Reply galatea234 October 26, 2008 at 04:23

    Hi Yanone! Jambase in Madinat used to have a very very good Jamaican band. They used to play reggae and rnb, but then they’re no longer there and the new band’s not really recommendable. so for your dose of good booty-shaking music, you can either go to the lodge at oud metha which has their seperate RNB section or go to zinc in crowne plaza, they have an RNB night which i think is during monday. right now, we’re all loving barasti bar in le meridien mena seyahi. but i’s not entirely an RNB-kind of bar, but you’ll love the place for sure.

    hope it helped!

    see you around!

  • Reply Yanone October 25, 2008 at 18:33

    hello there galatea234 (or so)

    i’m new to dubai and just stumbled upon this post via google. so are there any r’n’b/hip hop/reggae clubs in dubai? it’s hard to find infos on the net and my friends aren’t into clubbing.

    cheers and best regards,

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