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there should be a larshan in every country…

July 18, 2010

i’m talking about larshan in Cebu, that heavenly place which sells all the typhoid/hepa-enriched delicacies of the philippines. in all those times that i’ve eaten these foods, i’ve never gotten sick anyway or probably my stomach and immune system already came up with some anti-virus to protect me from all the germs these food may bring forth. i am more prone to get sick if i drink tap water but my body doesn’t really mind streetfoods at all, in fact my body LOVES it! let’s get down to business, here’s the top 8 of the filipino delicacies that i surely will binge on when i get back to the philppines.

1. isaw

or the chicken intestines. grilled with special streetfood sauce and usually served on a stick which you will dip in a jar full of vinegar or sweet sauce or spicy sauce. best eaten with an ice-cold beer. :p

2. balut

a visit to the philippines will not be complete if you haven’t tried this notorious-for-being-gross delicacy, a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo. it’s actually the physical appearance of it which makes all the foreigners grossed out but come to think of it, it’s just an egg so don’t be a bunch of sissies. but anyway, it’s not for the faint of hearts.

3. kwek kwek

a deep-fried quail egg covered with flour with orange food coloring (i’m not particularly sure why they chose orange as the universal color for kwek kweks…) served most of the time on a paper plate with lots and lots of vinegar/sweet/spicy sauce. this used to be my lunch when i was still working in makati. 🙂

4. chicharong bulaklak

the ultimate source of coronary and heart diseases in the philippines. eat this for 7 consecutive days and you’ll die. it’s the pork intestines grilled and then deep fried until crispy. best eaten with vinegar with lots of chillis partnered with beer.

5. iskrambol

made up of shaved ice with artificial flavors. there should be special and regular, a regular one will just be the shaved pink ice (again, just like kwek kwek, someone from the ministry of streetfoods of the philippines declared that the official color for iskrambol will be pink). while the special iskrambol will have a milk/sweet powder on top of it and a chocolate syrup (probably brown cow). i usually go for the “special” because i’m rich and i can afford it. (Php10.00 most of the time which is not even 50 cents in USD)

6. buko juice

coconut juice, the healthiest amongst all the streetfoods sold (just ignore the black nails of the vendor while he scoops it out for you from a yellowish jar to which you believe was white in color when he bought it the first time). i love this ice cold juice, it usually comes with the shaved coconut along with the juice. the more, the better. the coconut juice vendor and the streetfood vendor usually push their carts together, they go hand in hand. they are business partners out on the streets.

7. ice candy

it’s a flavored juice freezed to perfection and usually a big hit during summer. my favorite flavor would be ice buko (coconut salad flavor).

8. lechon

well, this is not actually a streetfood for obvious reasons (how do you expect someone to sell that size of pig out on the streets?) but it’s one of the food that i surely miss in the philippines. it’s usually served only on special occassions like say a feast day of one of the millions of saints that we patronize in the philippines or a wedding or a graduation or a birthday or someone getting promoted or someone’s teeth getting pulled out or someone getting pregnant, you know the usual special occassions. if you want to celebrate something in the philippines, you usually say “magpapa-lechon ako!” (translate: i will serve you lechon!) and then the whole gang will start chanting: lechon! lechon! lechon! lechon! well ok, we’re not all retards like that.. but the first part is true. if someone says they will serve lechon, something big must have happened, i mean for real. the tedious process of cooking lechon and well the size of it makes its price a fortune in the philippines. but nonetheless, a celebration isn’t a celebration without this prized pig. this is how it looks like all chopped up and served on a silver platter:

this is usually partnered with Mang Tomas, the all-around sarsa. (all-around sauce)

i love this special gravy-sauce, you can even just pour it on your rice and eat it just like that without anything else.

anyway, this is how a typical filipino streetfood vendor looks like:

they used to just push a cart where all their delicacies are at but since the economic standard of the philippines has slightly improved, most of them are now on a bike with sidecars where they put all their gastronomical treats for children and adults alike. see the 3 jars in front of the sidecar? those are the special sauce: vinegar, sweet, spicy sauce. see how happy and proud the little girl is? that’s how i will look like when i finally get hold of those foods when i go back home. yiiiippppeeee!!!!!

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  • Reply BJ October 25, 2010 at 22:06

    Interesting and informative. Thank you for this. But “all-around”?????? Please don’t murder the English language.

    • Reply galatea234 October 26, 2010 at 15:35

      haha! it’s actually the slogan of this sauce. you should try it… :p

  • Reply Gene Cruz October 25, 2010 at 05:28

    Is there a Larshan in Manila? If there is, can you give me the address please. thanks kindly.


    Mr. Gene Cruz

    • Reply galatea234 October 26, 2010 at 15:37

      i hope there is, but no such thing in Manila. you can always go to UP though… 🙂

  • Reply galatea234 July 19, 2010 at 08:19

    sige, ikakain din kita ng betamax. hihihi

  • Reply reign July 19, 2010 at 04:51

    waaahhhhh…nagugutom ako…nakakainis…..uuwi ka diba….hahaha..dalhan mo ko ng chicharon bulaklak at bituka ng lapids ba yun na nabibili sa SM!..di iro request utos to..hahahha dyowk lang. 🙂

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