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2008 in a Nutshell :p

January – my life revolved mainly around work, house, Rock Bottom on Thursdays and Alex kept my sanity for most of the time. Also, I was sort of going out with this guy (if you can call it that) who will later on break my heart once more come February.

February – I was shifted to our mall outlet which I thought was a good thing but had a hard time getting used to the busy atmosphere of the outlet compared to the very laxed environment of the main office. I worked the evening shift which for a nocturnal person like me, works just well. I was happy during the first 2 weeks of the month, all because of one person – the stud. Yet, it came along too quickly and was gone just as quick. So…… spent the last weeks of February nursing a broken heart (what’s new?). Carlos Santana came to dubai and watched it with the pilot, who at that time didn’t know that he’s one of the reasons keeping me sane during those days after I had the “brokenheart” episode.

March – I joined fitness first not to lose weight but to have something to do when I arrive at the mall after travelling 2hrs earlier than my office timing to avoid the rush hour. Hehe. Going home at 3am and going to work the next day with a bad hangover was not unusual those days. I gained a lot more friends and one of them were the Indian group who made me drink 7 bullfrogs in one night. (I wonder where they are now? Have not heard from them for a long time.) Anyway, met up with Chubby again this month after not seeing him for about 4 months. The pilot still keeps me sane by bringing me to a lot of stage plays, drinking sprees and dinners. Honey and Marissa were upset with me for not seeing more of them ever since I got shifted to the mall outlet.

April – I found Deny thru and I was more than thankful to have met her. She, together with Mona turned my life upside down – which was a good thing. I was finally moving on about that “February-heartbreak” and was meeting a lot of people. Thursday nights were OUR night and we’ll usually conquer the nightscene of Dubai. I went on a tour to Europe as well for my first ever vacation and crossed out 3 of the things I want to do before I die: 1. travel to europe; 2. travel alone; 3. have a pizza and gellatto in front of Spanish Steps in Roma.This month may be my “getting-over” month. And the girls (probably unaware of it) helped me through it. :p

May – Jambase became our “it” place and Madinat became our haven for Thursday nights. I have met some few interesting people like – pretty boytoy, cross-eyed and the great pretender. Trust me, INTERESTING people. Sometimes, I’d just like to dig up a hole somewhere in the desert and bury them alive in it. :p it’s the peak season for the tourism industry, so I was almost always busy and we we’re doing the 6-day shift. So Thursday night for me was a must-go-out night. Also, I’ve made friends with someone which was a bad decision and Alex was totally against it since he’s almost sure that it will end up in a not so pleasant way. And as always, alex was right, but it was not gruesome as he expected it to be – so I guess it was alright.

June – I was again hurting, because of the bad decision I made the previous month. But was able to hide it (sort of) and I think that’s the worst part of it, pretending you’re ok when you’re absolutely not. But anyway, what’s a girl gotta do? On a different note, the pilot went to Kuwait, Chubby went on vacation, Ces Drilon was kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf and I was at my “stupidiest” (if there is such a word). I kept on going even if it hurts me so much.

July – I was sick for most of the days. I was also hospitalized for a week in belhoul hospital to which I think was the worst experience I’ve had here in Dubai. I was all by myself (which was my personal choice) dealing with all the needles, pus, tonsilitis and hunger. I lost a good amount of weight and was not at all looking healthy afterwards. It was still a peak season so busy for most of the days at work.

August – I went back on the dating scene of dubai. Was not going much on dates for the past few months (because I was so focused about that someone who doesn’t even know that I exist) and have decided that August will be my “comeback” month. I met a handful of assholes as a result. :p I also went back to the “Thursday-night scene” after not going out while trying to regain my good health back. Very good timing as well since it’s the summer season in Dubai, when the almighty sun screams out how great his power can be to all humanity living in the UAE.

September – Ramadan period. I hated my Ramadan timings, (0830-1430; 1930-2100) spent most of my vacant period inside the office finishing a book or spent it inside the sauna at the gym. Someone I know likes me but the problem is, I don’t like him that way. By this time I was already cursing at myself as to why I can’t like him back? But anyway, I really don’t so….. Whatever. Up until this time, I was still dealing with that heartbreak from the month of June so I therefore conclude that am crazy and a massochist. Anyway, to clear my head from all this hoobalous I went on vacation back to the Philippines to have a tonsillectomy. It was a much needed vacation and enjoyed every single second of it, even if it means staying in a hospital for 3 days and eat nothing but icecream. I finally had the much-awaited photo session with my photographer-friend Simon which was a success (I think, haha!). It was good to see my family and friends after a year of being away, never realized how much I missed them so.

October – still a peak season, still busy at work. Lots of parties to go to – Oktoberfest by Lufthansa (2x) and the staff party at a bedouin camp somewhere on the desert plus a party for my for my big day. I was remembered by almost all my friends. 🙂 Barasti became our new haven every Thursday night. I also attended a halloween party in Abu dhabi and went back to Dubai right after the party. Nice! By the way, am finally feeling “ok” after that June heartbreak. This month was not a fake smile for me anymore. 🙂 I have accepted the terms that I have (or not have) with him – FINALLY.

November – Highlight of the month was our Aquaventure trip. For sure, flashing my non-existent boobs to the park attendant was a memorable and shameful experience for me. It was a lot of fun still. On a different note, am feeling the effects now of the economic crunch. I’ve heard a lot of companies closing down and sacking hundreds of employees, for the first time – I fear for my own employment and started making some arrangements with Chubby just in case I get sacked. Hehehe. Lastly – I’ve met someone. 🙂

December – Probably the best month for me this year. Happy, alive and kicking. Though the “someone” I met the previous month left for vacation even before we had enough time to spend with each other – he still made me happy, more than he can ever imagine. Didn’t want to dwell on it so much just so I won’t be hurt too much like the previous experiences. But I can’t help it. Hehehe. Well anyway, shoot me now – I want to be happy. 🙂 I became addicted to shisha, spicy foods and ribs. Though at one point, I was confused with a confession but since I’ve already learned my lesson (the hard way) I figured I should not be confused since am pretty sure that it will just ruin everything if I even let myself think about that “confusion”. (is the blog getting confusing already? Hehehe) anyway, screw the confusion – for the first time in a year here in dubai – am genuinely happy, so screw that. (pun intended) For the first time as well, I wasn’t sick during the holidays and another first time was I got to spend my holidays with one of the most important people I have here in dubai – Chubby. :p

Looking back at all these, it’s not such a bad 2008 yeah? I hope the year to come would be better though. :p


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