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the worst date

December 22, 2009

i was talking to carrie earlier about her recent date-gone-wrong episode (which i still think was hilarious and not really cringe-y type) and because she could not see the hilarity in that date, she asked me if i can contribute one of my worst dates ever just to pacify her that hers wasn’t so bad after all. and here’s what my neurons told me:

What: the worst date, haven’t you been listening?

Who: let’s give him an alias of “individualistic dude”, a long time acquaintance.

Where: at the heart of Makati City, Glorietta to be specific

When: hmmmmm….. 4 years ago? (wow! it’s either my neurons worked their asses off for me to remember this event or maybe it’s just really the worst date ever that i can’t forget about it)


the meeting: it was the first date. he was an acquaintance but we have been exchanging some flirty text messages/phone calls and the whatnots. we decided to finally get it over with and see for ourselves if we can have something more than the flirty conversations. i was working in makati then and he was staying in laguna (my hometown, about an hour and a half drive away from Manila). we agreed to meet in Glorietta and watch a movie, maybe dinner or if the date will really go well then a coffee. it was the first date so i was torn between wearing a vava voom dress or a plain white shirt and jeans ala girl-next-door type, i opted for the latter. when i saw him, he reminded me of Boyoyong the Clown. . Seriously, his hair was unruly (trust me, not the sexy-derek-shepherd way) much like Boyoyong’s hair, he was wearing a red shirt and a black shiny pants with streaks of very dull hint of green on it. i really didn’t know what to expect from him with regards to his fashion sense but i could tell that he really was fashionably challenged at that time. i wanted to tell him that there is a very thin line between “individualism” and “being a dork”, but i was too shocked at that time that i could not speak at all. after seeing him, i wanted to take a raincheck and just tell him that i was not feeling well or my roomate was stuck inside the bathroom of our apartment and she needs me to open the door for her from the outside, but i thought to myself that he traveled an hour and half for this so might as well just get it over with.

at the movie ticket queue: we decided to watch an action-packed film (which i cannot say due to the fact that this date “might” actually be a blog reader and saying the movie title might ring a bell), as we reached the cashier i offered to pay for the ticket (out-of-respect and well i really can’t go on a date without paying for anything) and he just plainly said “ok”, without even having the usual “ego and pride” of a man to pay for everything during the first date. but i brushed it off and never really thought so much about it.

dinner: i just could not go to any of the restaurants at the mall not even Mc Donald’s at that time. i was thinking “the less light, the better” so people won’t see how horrendous my date’s clothes are. i suggested for us to just buy a hotdog at the confectionary stand of the movie theater and eat it while the movie plays. the movie was about to start anyway and he said yes. so off we went to the hotdog stand, at the cashier * drumroll please * the date was nowhere to be found. i have no idea where he went. for crying out loud, it was a freaking hotdog!!!! a mere PHP30 with soda (it’s 3 freaking dirhams if converted) and he can’t even pay for it???????? so with no other choice, i paid for my and his hotdog and fell silent for the rest of night. i took a cab going home as i was afraid he might ask me for gas money even if i let him drive me home.

my worst date ever. now, try to beat that.

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