Glorious Seafood Meal At The Whitstable Oyster Company, Definitely Worth The Drive

Whitstable Oyster Company, Whitstable, Kent, England -
One of my most favourite day trips to London is to the seaside town of Whitstable. A very charming place which also features amazing seafood restaurants!

My August Bank Holiday Weekend was phenomenal, touring my Aunt around the places I fell in love with and discovering new places with her as well. She wanted to see either Oxford or Cambridge during one of the days that she’s here but changed her mind the last minute as she started craving for oysters. You see, food addiction runs in the family and I feel like I will never get over it having all these wonderful food-loving people surrounding me.

Seafood tops my list as the best food there is in the world, I can eat that all day everyday if only I don’t develop allergic reactions if too much of it is consumed. I researched for the best oysters you can find in England and thankfully, Whitstable in Kent tops the list and is only 2 hours drive away. To be frank though, I don’t think we’ll mind driving more than that if there’s a promise of good food.

We initially booked for a different oyster restaurant in Whitstable but unfortunately, it was already fully booked 2 weeks in advance. So we decided to go to The Whitstable Oyster Company instead which gladly took our reservation and let’s just say it’s an incredibly blessing in disguise.

Whitstable Oyster Company, Whitstable, Kent, England -

We thought that we’ll get a sub-par quality of seafood from our second choice but we ended up having the best meal. The previous restaurant was small and only had a few tables inside it whereas The Whitstable Oyster Company had a considerable size of seating area plus a great waterfront location. Too bad it was raining the day we were there otherwise we would’ve preferred to sit outside.

My Aunt meant business when she said that she was craving for oysters and ordered four plates of it as soon as we sat down. As for The Greek Mister and I, we had a whole lobster to share and some mussels. The lobster caught my eye when I was passing by the kitchen counter, it’s hard to miss it as it was the biggest and fattest lobster I’ve ever seen in my life.

Whitstable Oyster Company, Whitstable, Kent, England -

We had a dozen Whitstable Oyster Co Rock Oysters (which unfortunately I don’t have a photo of as it was consumed almost immediately), the meat was fat and had the right firmness to it with a hint of sweetness at the end of each bite. It was glorious. There might as well be a choir with angelic voice singing hallelujah inside the restaurant itself as each bite felt heavenly.

The Whitstable Oyster Company has been growing oysters since the ancient times as documented. The oysters they serve can only be found in the oyster beds within the vicinity of Whitstable, Kent and has become world famous for its quality that it actually has an EU protected status. I found out all about this after having our meal there, if I knew it beforehand I would’ve savoured each and every bite of its sublime meat even more.

Whitstable Oyster Company, Whitstable, Kent, England -

We also had half a dozen of cooked oysters with truffle oil and another half a dozen of cooked oysters with garlic and butter. You may think that cooked oysters would’ve been such a waste as you can’t really taste the beauty of its meat but Whitstable Oyster Company cooks their oyster with this in mind. The meat isn’t overcooked, the texture remains as how it is raw but with a different flavor of either the truffle oil or garlic and butter. The remains of the sauce in each of the oyster shells were savagely licked or wiped off with our bread to be consumed.

Let’s not forget the lobster, the HUGE lobster. Oh my goodness how will I even start? It was so meaty and fresh, there was no hint of any fishy, pungent taste like how an old lobster would have. It was boiled and served cold which The Greek Mister wasn’t a big fan of but it worked well for me as I ate his portion of lobster claws with much gusto. The mussels were mussels, nothing very special about it but the soup it was served on was great for dipping our breads in.

Whitstable Oyster Company, Whitstable, Kent, England -
Whitstable Oyster Company, Whitstable, Kent, England -

I was practically in heaven the entire time I was in Whitstable Oyster Company, it was the best seafood meal I’ve ever had in such a long time. The Greek Mister and I agreed that we wouldn’t mind driving all the way to Whitstable again for an outstanding seafood meal.

Whitstable Oyster Company
Kent CT5 1BU
Telephone: +44 (0) 1227 276 856
Note: Online booking is highly recommended, it was packed when we left and there were a lot of people waiting to be seated outside under the rain.
We paid GBP115 for the three of us with drinks and service charge.

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  • Angela September 6, 2018 at 02:50

    Yum yum yum! Now salivating. Will head to the nearest restau for some oyster this weekend! haha

  • Trainswestcan2Espano September 4, 2018 at 07:10

    why wasn’t I invited

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