The Weir Hotel

The Weir Hotel in Walton-On-Thames, Surrey is one of the prettiest pubs we've been to with its massive outdoor seating area and a riverside location. #theweirhotel #riversidepubs #surrey

We weren’t supposed to be at The Weir Hotel that sunny Saturday a couple of weeks ago. We were supposed to be farther away but when we came across the inviting and spacious al fresco area of The Weir Hotel, The Greek Mister immediately made a detour as he couldn’t walk any longer. He had a late night the previous night, so late that he actually forgot his backpack at the pub that they were in. I believe he was nursing a bad hangover when we did this walk and he just couldn’t cancel it anymore because he knew that all hell would break loose if he did. Lol. 

I would have been extremely disappointed if he cancelled it, I mean we don’t get to have a lot of these sunny days in London and I sure as hell won’t be wasting it. We just had to get out that day, it’s not my fault that he thought he can outdo all of his British colleagues’ drinking prowess the previous night which, let’s face it, is undisputed.

We crossed the Kingston Bridge with the beautiful Riverside restaurants in full swing, everyone making the most of the amazing weather. Then we passed through Bushy Park where we came across some families having picnics, taking a walk or spending their morning at the park’s playgrounds. Afterwards, we crossed the River Thames via a quick ferry ride paying GBP2 per person. I didn’t know there’s something like it there, it’s actually a fun way to commute from one side of the river to the other. From there, we made that long, unbearable walk (for the Greek Mister) through pretty riverside houses and thick foliage – it did look like we were walking through a forest at some point.  Lol. 

There was no turning back from that point on so when we came across The Weir Hotel, the first sign of civilization after that long riverside walk – my husband decided to stop there and not continue on the remaining hour’s walk to our original destination that Saturday. I can’t really complain because The Weir Hotel is also in my riverside pub list to go to and it’s a pretty one with a massive outdoor seating area. I was more than happy as well to end our walk there to remove it from my list. 

We ordered beer and food immediately, we walked for a total of 2 and half hours so I think we deserved the chicken wings, onion rings, duck spring rolls and chips that I ordered. I don’t know if we were just hungry but everything tasted so good! Specially the chicken wings, my weakness. Whenever I see it in the menu I just need to order it. 

There was a stag party when we were there which had a nautical theme of some sort, they were then picked up by two boats after some time to probably go to another pub to continue on getting drunk. I wasn’t sure how many more riverside pubs they were to go to but some of them looks like they’re done for the day but if there’s one thing I learned after living in London for three years it’s that for as long as people can still stand and walk, the party will continue on. 

Not for us though because we took our Uber ride back home after one more pint. Memory’s a bit hazy but I do believe we took a nap when we got home. #oldpeople Lol.


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  • Photo Cache July 24, 2019 at 07:23

    The picnic set up is very inviting and the river views are a plus. I must confess that chicken wings are also my weakness. It takes strong self discipline to keep from getting it each time I eat out.

  • Trainswestcan2espano July 9, 2019 at 10:29

    How come you always end up in fab places. Love your photographs

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