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The Weekend

July 4, 2008

It’s Fridays (and Saturdays, if you’re lucky) for Muslim countries, Saturdays and Sundays for the rest of the world – WEEKEND! It is the consolation for yourself after finishing one whole work week – your own personal time. No obligations, no clients, no managers, nothing. So you have to spend this valuable hours wisely.

When I was a child, I look forward to weekends because I attend ballet classes on Saturdays. It would be hard for me to get up on weekdays, but I’ll be up and bouncing at the first hint of the sun’s rays on a Saturday. During college, weekend for me is a Friday night-out with two of my best friends – Ola and Beck at Pier One in Libis. Haha! Fun times! Working at the airport, weekend for us was an alcoholic night at Ratsky in Tomas Morato as our favorite band – K and the boxers! perform onstage. As a travel agent, weekend is the Friday night of pure belching out of high-pitched notes – karaoke night at Providence Tower. Sometimes, if am lucky and got the money, weekend is flying out of MAnila to Cebu and be a groupie for a local band there. Haha. As a call center agent, weekend is a drinking spree which starts at 5 in the morning after our shift and ends at 12 noon just as the sun is at it’s peak of shining. Talk about bad hangovers. Here in Dubai, it’s the Thursday night out raiding the clubs around the town.

What happens next? The dreaded hangover always the morning after. Haha!

Well, sure you’ll be a couple of hundred dirhams poorer, you’ll have a terrible hangover the next day, your hair and skin will smell of cigarette smoke, your legs are sore from all the dancings that you did the night before and  you’ll be awfully tired…. but regardless of all of these – the time spent with your friends laughing, dancing, catching up and plainly having a great time is priceless.

And of course, being able to witness the “juicy” details of the night before is worth it all:

1. Honey, (who was tagged a “turtle” by Chubby) after drinking a glass of bullfrog and 9 bottles of smirnoff ice will be singing the chorus of “What’s Going On?” at the top of her lungs with her very raspy voice. Also, she will gyrate like a belly dancer on a Shakira song, witnessing this – ladies and gentlemen, is absofuckinglutely PRICELESS. Oh yes, the girl is finally coming out of her shell.

2. A colleague can actually speak Filipino. And let’s all cross our fingers that nobody from that weekend will be able to read this blog – or I’ll be in trouble. 😀

3. Someone we know might have been a very  good “mahjong” player in her past life.

4. Another colleague gyrates like a gigolo with or without alcohol influence.

5. Rock Bottom’s got an entrance fee now for AED100. 😀

To sum it all up, it was a good night!

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