The weekend that was….

So, the very very long weekend came into existence. Solely for me. Haha! Started off as a not a very productive Wednesday night as I just stayed in, did the laundry, bla bla bla – in short, very domesticated.

Come Thursday afternoon, went over to Monmon’s to take that trip going to the Greens. Since the itinerary for the evening is to invade that side of Dubai for the night, Monmon offered her place for me to stayover to and save me the hassle of taking that dreaded cab ride. Am not being a diva, it’s just that cab fare can be extremely expensive – well at least for a poor girl like I am. :p So moving on, I had my nails done at Tips and Toes then went to eat dinner and then off to Boudoir.

Boudoir, I didn’t like. Well, yeah the place is good. Picturesque. But then….. there’s no x-factor to make me want to visit the place more. They were playing house and rnb the night we went there, but hmmmm….. I don’t know. I just didn’t like the place that much. Tried very hard not to kill the fun away but then the girls didn’t like it either. Haha! So after a 3min deliberation, we all agreed to go to another place. Zinc or jambase? With a unanimous decision, Jambase was our next stop. Well, at least until we get ourselves a cab.

From that night on, Monmon got another alias from me – cab magnet. :p Anyways, we arrived at Jambase. 70’s music playing. Cool!!!! Denden was practically all over the place when the song “You can’t Hurry Love” was played. I don’t know if the hyper-activeness was due to her liking the tune of the song or her, relating to the lyrics of the song. Haha! Then live band for the night came out for their last set. Jamaican band which was very VERY good! First few notes of “Beautiful Liar” by Beyonce and Shakira played – for sure we we’re all over the dancefloor.

After much dose of Shakira, Beyonce, Sean Paul etc etc…. We finally called it a night. Or so we thought. Went towards Barzar to relax our overused leg muscles – why do I have to wear highheels all the time? Then group of yuppies came. Haha! Chit chats all at the same time, I don’t know who to listen to. The yuppies are, like us, addicted to pictures. Which is the main reason why we stayed longer in Madinat. Pictures with everybody who passes by. Haha! Ended the night talking to have coffee, but never got any. Haha. 3am… bedtime.

Next day, headed to International City to meet up with Welder to attend an office function at Flavours. Italian cuisine at its best and free flowing drinks, whatever you like. Booze, cocktails, anything you can think of. Need I say more? After being a babysitter for a drunken underaged girl (long story) our next stop was Zinc, free entrance for the guys. Haha! More booze and dancing. Bedtime was 3am as well.

Oh well…..

Work again tomorrow – back to reality. Back to the real world where you have to earn your keep. Real world where you have to work for you to be able to finance the weekend that’s coming. :p


The shindig princess


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