The weekend that was….

It was one of the best I’ve had here in Dubai. Well actually, there has been a lot of good weekends but this was just oh so different. It was only me and DenDen who raided Barasti thursday night as MonMon had to attend an office party. As always, it was packed with beautiful people. Ordered mojitos and sat on a rock which we are declaring our property. We were watching the people around us (specifically the couple sitting in front of us, smooching and all haha!) when these couple suddenly stood up and approached us to tell us that they’re leaving and could no longer wait for their friend to come back, if we could be just so nice to tell him that they’ve already left and give him his 2 bottles of beer they’d appreciate it. So we said yes, it was not a problem at all. A couple of minutes after came a guy stumbling down and looked lost – must be him. We ended up having a loooooong conversation which mostly consisted of his funny anecdotes and us with an aching tummy for laughing too hard. Then came another group of people who ended up joining this little gathering. We ended the night when the security shooed us away. We had fun. Most definitely. And because we had so much fun, we decided to go back there the following night.

Ate dinner first at Coco’s in Jumeira Beach Residence with a meal which could last for a week. (Points to ponder: An order of steak and shrimp at this restaurant can satisfy two people no matter how famished they may be). Then headed to barasti and reclaimed the exact same spot where we were the night before. After a couple of minutes, a guy stumbled on us again – lo and behold, it was the same guy from the night before. haha! Just the same, a comedic conversation was started and 2 other people joined in. Awesome awesome people. We were 3 girls and 2 guys this time and we definitely had a blast cursing at each other. Haha. So when we were approached by about 4 heavyweight securities and was told for the nth time to leave the premises as the bar is already closing – well, we had to leave. Good that one of them invited us for an after-party drink at his flat and because we had a real good time with these people¬†– both i and denden never even blinked our eyes before saying “yes, we’d love to go!”. Went to the posh JLT and continued our drinking spree and our laughters. We were all too loud that the next-door neighbor kept banging on the wall to shut us up as it was already 4 in the morning. It was nice, very very nice evening. Clean fun. 100% clean. Went home at 6am and woke up at 1030am. WTF??????? My body clock is shitty, i hate it!


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