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THE weekend.

January 27, 2012

This is THE weekend when I become debt free (paid off all my credit card bills as soon as the salary came into my account). And at this point in time, my credit cards are nowhere to be found inside my wallet and I cannot let myself get access to it unless, otherwise there’s an upcoming zombie apocalypse and I badly need to purchase all the badass equipments to be the last woman standing. Being debt free calls for a celebration so I rounded up my friends (old and new) for a quick get-together drink (non-alcoholic for me) at Carter’s in Wafi.

From L-R: Chuck the prison breaker, Abby the red lipstick, Papa R the virus carrier, Cherrypie the virus receiver, JP the bestfriend of JC and Jowel the song title expert. It was a wintery cold and fun night which mostly consisted of them reminiscing the glory days of Al Quoz accommodation and I, being entertained by it (hot water shower for 7 days???? wtf?)

Before they came, I had chicken caesar salad which was a “blah”. The caesar dressing wasn’t tasty enough, the chicken tasted like it was thawed several times and the lettuce was not crispy enough. It was not my first time to order the dish from Carter’s and seriously, I never learn as it’s exactly the way it is every single time.

It looks good on the photo though.

Still determined to not drink alcohol because of the gastritis episode, I ordered a drink called lemon lime which is just like a mojito sans the alcohol (thus, a virgin mojito). The problem was, on the 3rd refill of the drink the waiter gave me a real mojito with alcohol in it and I instantly felt my stomach grunting in disapproval after 10 minutes of drinking it. I figured that if someone is allergic to alcohol and that by drinking it would cost him/her life, he/she would’ve been dead right at that instant because of an honest mistake. The worst part of it was, they will try to charge you for the real mojito which you didn’t even finish and which you’ve asked to be changed. Talk about buying your own death. Well ok, I didn’t die but when I felt my stomach squirming and is about to give me that painful pang I knew instantly that I had to stop whatever it is that I’m doing. Will my life be like this from now? Anyhoots, we went home at around 2am and I woke up by the sound of someone knocking on my door at 8am – the baby of course. I seriously can’t wait to NOT have a baby of my own. :p

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