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The Wedding Photographer.

February 18, 2013

I don’t know about you but whenever I see wedding photos these days I laugh a little, snort a little and vomit a little inside my mouth. Somehow I think the weddings these days are mostly to fulfill the dreams of the bride (or sometimes even the groom) of being a supermodel even for only a day and even if there is an incredible lack of talent in that field. Weddings are losing its substance I think. Its core value of the union of two people is gone. You have to have at least 5 pre-wedding (or pre-nups?) photo shoots now and post it all on Facebook otherwise you’re not having a real wedding. Nowadays, it’s all about style and what better way to project that style than having the bride lean on a lamp post looking out at the horizon and the groom looking at the bride’s lips with so much passion in his eyes. Well at least that’s what their trying to achieve but the end-result of the photo will be the bride will look like she’s trying hard not to fart while the groom will look like a rapist. I mean seriously! Leave the modeling to the models. You’re not a model. You’re just a bride and a groom. You don’t have to look fierce or look melancholic in your photos. Just be normal. Or more appropriately, just be freaking happy because you’re getting married!

With so many pseudo-photographers out there (those people who managed to have an SLR and suddenly becomes a self-appointed photographer with no real knowledge whatsoever of what he/she’s doing) it has become even worst. A myriad of badly edited photos with such horrifying posings of the bride and the groom are now appearing in my Facebook feed. Sometimes when I am feeling down, I just look back on their albums and think to myself “at least you don’t look as ridiculous as them” then I’ll be alright instantly.

However, there’s this one Dubai-based photographer who’ve constantly captured my attention with all of his works – Sam Coran. His photos are all natural and not fake. He’s got a way of capturing the emotions around him and I do believe he’s got a power to foresee the future as he’s always at the right place at the right time to be able to capture those “moments”. I am no photographer which is why I’m finding it hard to describe how perfect his shots are so I’ll just show you some of his works:


Without a caption, you already know that the man who is the subject of the photo is the father of the bride and he’s looking out to his daughter with a hint of sadness in his eyes which is probably what most of the fathers feel like when they’re about to walk their daughters down the aisle.


Again, father-daughter photo in which I feel an emotion of awkwardness between the two. It seems to me like if the two of them were nearer to each other, both will just burst into tears. Did I just imagine it or do you feel the same way about it?


The movement in the above photo just moves me – literally.


One of his photos wherein I’m pretty sure he’s got an ability to foresee the future. I mean how can he be right there just when the man was about to hit the water? Seriously!

I like how the water (or was it grains of rice?) is very clear in this photo.

I like how the water (or was it grains of rice?) is very clear in this photo.

Photos like these are better - the natural, stolen-shot kind. The emotion is real, the smile is relaxed and the act is genuine.

Photos like these are better – the natural, stolen-shot kind. The emotion is real, the smile is relaxed and the act is genuine.

Now this isn't really a wedding but I still like the "party vibe" this photo just brings out. It's so alive!

Now this isn’t really a wedding but I still like the “party vibe” this photo just brings out. It’s so alive!

For more incredible photos, do visit his website at Pixelated Mind or at Sam Coran dot com.

This is not a sponsored post.

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  • Reply Michael February 21, 2013 at 08:55

    This post is one of your best since I have been following you. You really nailed it with all of these bizarre wedding photo shoots! Not only are they getting married, they need to show how “fabulous” they are. BTW, I really do like the photos that the real photographer took. They are classic.

    • Reply Pinay Flying High February 21, 2013 at 19:37

      Hey Michael,

      You should see one of the weddings in the Philippines specially the pre-wedding photo shoots. You will really wonder WTF is up with them? And of course, after this post I think I acquired some enemies because they think I’m talking about them (the truth is, I really am talking about them). 🙂 I can give you a link to their Facebook profiles but I’m a little more diplomatic than that. :p

      Yes, his photos are classic. Those are the kinds of photos that you can keep until you grow old without ever thinking to yourself while you look back at it: WTF was I thinking?

  • Reply Sam Coran February 18, 2013 at 11:36

    Thanks for the feature Mimi. I don’t know how you find time to blog with our busy schedule here in Dubai. There’s a lot of things i want to add to my blog but i fall asleep every time i start writing something. I can see how passionate you are with blogging. I see news feed from your blog almost everyday. How do you do it?

    Anyway, Thanks again. see you around!

    • Reply Pinay Flying High February 21, 2013 at 19:40

      Sam, do you remember when I asked for your permission to use some of your photos for my blog? That was months ago remember? And I only had the time to write about it now. I keep a note of topics that I should write about and when I have a free time, I just write posts after posts from those topics and just schedule when to publish it. So technically, I’m not really writing daily. :p

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