As previously mentioned, my wedding was all sorts of things before it materialized into something that I really loved. The original plan was to have a civil wedding in Dubai but because of the numerous requirements to even get a license to get married we gave up – mainly because both the husband and I doesn’t have the time to do all those preparations. When we found out that getting married in the US only requires for you to show a valid ID, we immediately decided to do the civil wedding there. However, my lovely sisters cannot and will not allow me to have a wedding without a celebration so it was my sisters who did all of the arrangements. I was happily exploring the East Coast of the US while my two sisters were busy arranging all the details of my wedding celebration. I’m the most relaxed bride in the whole world I guess.

I’m a very unconventional person – that I know for sure. I simply do not get the hype a person puts to have a grand wedding. The mere fact of getting married is grand enough for me so I don’t need a huge celebration to make it grander. These days, I feel like weddings have become a popularity contest which I don’t want to put myself in. I want my own wedding to be intimate, small and focused on what truly is the point of it all – to be united with that one person you love and share it with people who matters most to you. That for me is enough, I am not going to put so much stress on the smallest detail which will be left unnoticed anyway. Besides, why spend a lot of money into something which will only last for a day? I’d rather spend that money on to something else – like I don’t know, to have a memorable honeymoon with the husband? That way, we’re both enjoying seeing the sights of the world and being together. That’s the traveler in me talking. 🙂

The wedding itself was attended only by first-degree family members which is what I really want. We had a bigger wedding celebration the next day at my mother’s beautiful house which was attended by my aunts and uncles where everyone had a great time.

It was a great wedding and I want to share it with all of you. 🙂

The Dress.

I bought my dress from a Filipiniana section in SM Department Store in the Philippines, LOL. The thought of it may make some bride cringe but it is highly acceptable for me. Besides, it’s not the dress which is important – it’s the fact that I’m getting married to someone I dearly love which is. However, as it turned out, the dress looked lovely and professionally done. When we were having our wedding reception right after the wedding, I was approached twice by two women to inquire and comment about how lovely my dress was. I proudly told them that it’s a modernized version of our national dress in the Philippines and I bought it for less than USD100. 🙂

Pinay Flying High Wedding

The bouquet.

My bridal bouquet was arranged by my very artistic sister. Being a caterer and event organizer herself in her own catering business – Catering by Norina, she has a very good eye into things. I love the little diamonds at the tip of my white roses. It was lovely!

The rings.

We bought our rings at a small, family-run jewellery store in Frederick, Maryland which is what I really wanted. I did not want to have a mass-produced ring which will have a big chance of having an identical ring somewhere. I actually wanted to buy one of those estate rings in an antique store just to make sure that it will be one-of-a-kind but the stones and diamonds were too big for my hands. When I tried on my ring, the husband and I fell in love with it. Crusted by 9 diamonds in different sizes, it looked soo beautiful. The husband chose a simple wedding band. I bought his ring and he bought mine. The total of the two rings was more than USD700 but less than USD1000. Pick a number in between. 🙂

Frederick County Circuit Courthouse

The wedding venue.

As it was a civil wedding, we had our wedding ceremony in Frederick County Circuit Courthouse – a very organized and charming courthouse in the middle of the historic district of Frederick. It was a 15-minute process but the wedding officiant made the whole ceremony really solemn, lovely and intimate. I saw some members of our family crying which is what I was trying to avoid but I guess, weddings in general really do make people weep. 🙂

Charlie Hyland Photography

Photo by Charlie Hyland

The photographer.

We did not have an official photographer during the wedding ceremony itself. We had the brother-in-law taking photos for us which actually turned out really good. The official photographer – Charlie Hyland, met us after the wedding at Baker Park which is a few minutes walk away from the courthouse. He was very professional and made us feel comfortable during the whole process of it. He also had a good eye on things and the photos came out all lovely.

Acacia Restaurant Frederick

The wedding reception.

We had our small reception after the wedding at Acacia Restaurant at the historic downtown area of Frederick, which again is just a few minutes walk away from the courthouse. They have a very lovely and small courtyard where we had our small reception. The personalized menu with our names on it was a great touch. The food was fantastic and all reasonably priced. I could not take my mind off the appetizer that we had, calamari with black garlic, parmesan and basil. I’ve never had any calamari anywhere which melts in your mouth and leaves a great tasting after-taste which will make you want to have another and another and another. It was a small and intimate gathering of two families united as one. I loved it.

And here’s our very unconventional wedding toast. Mmmmm beer. 🙂

The wedding celebration.

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

The day right after the wedding, I arrived at my mother’s beautiful house made even more beautiful by my sisters’ design. The motif of the celebration was purple which I didn’t even know about but I would’ve chosen it myself. The garden was beautifully arranged with round tables and white table cloths. The white roses were spray-painted with the color purple to match the motif. It was a potluck lunch so my aunts and uncles brought tasty dishes for us to feast on but of course, the show-stopper was the famous lechon – roasted whole pig. My Greek family loved it too.

Wedding Day

There were dancing, drinks and even a videoke session to give that final Filipino touch into a celebration. Even the British sister-in-law showed us her talent in singing. It was fun! The celebration started at 3pm and ended at almost midnight, an 8-hour celebration. Where else can you find a wedding venue which will allow you to celebrate your event for 8 hours? 🙂

For me, seeing that everyone had fun in this momentous occasion of ours is a great feeling. I am truly grateful of my family who came and celebrated this special day with us but I will have to send out special thanks to my Ninang (the rich aunt as per the husband, lol) the financer, my mother the cook, my brother-in-law for being the official wedding ceremony photographer, my uncle for being the official reception photographer and most specially my sisters who made all of these possible.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to my friends who sent their virtual greetings thru Facebook, email and Whatsapp.

On a side note, if you’re around DC, Maryland or Virginia and you’d like to have a worry-free celebration – make sure to consider my sister’s catering service – Catering by Norina. As mentioned on my blog, I didn’t do a thing in this celebration. Everything was all her idea and her works. It turned out to be the perfect wedding celebration for me.

Catering by Norina
Facebook page: Catering by Norina
Tel No.: (301) 807-1515
Email: norina @ cateringbynorina[dot]com

For a professional photographer, Charlie Hyland Photography is a great choice too.

Charlie Hyland Photography
Tel No.: 301-580-9986
Email: chylandphoto @ gmail[dot]com

Wedding day

Presenting: Mr and Mrs Fil… :)(photo taken by the brother-in-law)


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  • Christina February 8, 2017 at 20:00

    It’s understandable that neither of you had time to donate to all the preparations. Your small and intimate gathering sounds like just the right thing.

  • Tom Shrill July 22, 2015 at 20:26

    I really like what you said about it only being one day, and I am sure he did too. That money can be spent on a good number of other things, like actually good food. That pig seems like it would have been really good, but I am saying a lot of weddings skimp on the catering service while spending a lot on everything else. I prefer to do the opposite.

  • Love 2 Type October 13, 2014 at 06:58

    congrats… bought my wedding dress in sm department store too.:)

  • nadamohammed October 10, 2014 at 15:14

    Loved this post! Congratulations and so happy to hear that everything went OK and that you enjoyed the celebration. All the best in your new chapter. And yes, unconventional people are the best 😉

  • Lynda October 9, 2014 at 14:35

    Aww – congrats! 🙂

  • Monzy (@monzyrocks) October 9, 2014 at 10:41

    Congratulations and best wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Fil!

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