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The Views Restaurant

March 23, 2010

we had dinner last weekend at the views restaurant in (no other than) le meridien al aqah in fujeira. and boy oh boy! i had to mentally kick myself for ignoring this restaurant whenever we go to that hotel – it was MARVELOUS!!!!! we normally just head out to the beachside restaurants thinking that the views restaurant will be the kind wherein people in jeans and slippers will not be allowed to enter – we thought it was a high scale, fancy, choose-the-right-utensils-from-a-dozen-on-your-table kind of thing restaurant. but me and the boyfriend were dressed in something you’d wear when you’re too lazy to even brush your hair and they did let us in. and the best part of it all was: THEY FREAKING SERVE SEAFOODS!!!!!! I am a self-confessed seafood-junkie and i have never eaten that much seafood in my entire stay in the UAE. the only downside was most of the seafood served were in salad-style so it was practically served cold. there were many choices and varieties of dishes – grilled meat section, chinese food section, indian food section, vegetarian section and of course the seafood. i skipped all the lines except for the seafood and my plate had: lobsters, crabs, clams, squids, calamari, salmon and of course shrimps (cooked and served in different styles). after finishing my second serving of the seafood platter, the boyfriend (who was not very happy with the buffet style’s getting your own food and hated me for dragging him to that restaurant) told me that there were some grilled seafoods served outside. so then i went outside to get myself a platefull-serving of grilled lobsters and grilled shrimps with really tasty sauces on the side. yum yum!!!! we finished our dinner within an hour and when we got up from our table the line of the people waiting to be seated was too long. probably they’re all a seafood-junkie like i am.

anyway, this restaurant goes at the top of my list now as the best in fujeira and le meridien al aqah is officially the best hotel for me in that emirate.

some tips:

price of the buffet per person: AED185 exclusive of drinks and trust me, it’s a great value for money specially since all the other restaurants around will be serving you food of almost the same prices. so it’s better to pay for a buffet with lots of choices rather than paying that amount for just one dish.

buffet starts at 7pm so be there early to avoid the long queue specially on a weekend.

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