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April 27, 2010

when i was a kid, i hated to be left at home. my parents going to work, my older brother and sisters going to school and i will be left home alone with my grandmother or nanny (having a nanny in the philippines is not a very big deal, it’s probably the most sensible thing to do since both parents will be working). anyhow, i wanted to fast track my life to that day when i will be walking along a busy business district, with the skycrapers as my backdrop while listening to some groovy songs on my walkman (of course, i never knew iPod then), wearing high heels, a shoulder bag and cool shades. 22 years later, i am exactly what i have dreamed of when i was a kid (of course with an ipod) but i really wouldn’t mind to be staying at home all by myself. in fact, i would love that! i should have known better, i wish i can go back to those years when all i have ever worried about was a dentist’s visit.


it has always fascinated me whenever i receive a friend request on facebook from a previous ballet student. they call me “miss noemi” or “teacher noemi”. i’m just not sure if it’s out of respect or fear as i have terrorized their lives for quite some time. yeah, i’m not very good with kids. i shouldn’t be allowed to have one. i was known to be able to tame a group of 8-year olds by just giving them my fierce look. nevertheless, i rejected the friend request. i don’t want them to lose this fear respect towards me after seeing all the nonsense that i put on my facebook page.


friend: i have been planning to go to your country, is it safe there now? everything is settled down?
me: errrrmmmm are you talking about the upcoming election?
friend: there’s something going on there with those people on red shirts right? i’ve seen it on the news and i don’t want to risk going and be stuck there when it gets worst
me: red shirts? that’s in thailand you idiot!
friend: oh!
me: please don’t tell me that you forgot i’m a filipino…
friend: no no no, i’m just very bad in geography
me: yeah right
i have been planning for the longest time now my upcoming 6 days summer vacation in the philippines (where the red shirt protesters doesn’t exist) and for only God knows why, most of the resorts in Batangas that I have tried to contact does not reply on my emails. it’s been 10 years since the new millenium, why for the love of all things good aren’t they using their emails???? in the first place, why put an email address on your websites if you’re not in the least going to check it? now i have to rely on my very unreliable cousin (hello joy! i love you!) to contact all these resorts thru phone and check how much will they charge for 13 adults/3 children/1 infant? yep, we’re quite a big family – we’re filipinos and on top of that, catholics. so beat that. i hope my friends will join us though. woop woop!


i swear that if i find out that my little cousins are a bunch of jejemons, i am definitely going to slap each of them with the biggest, hard-bound dictionary i can find.

right, i’m off to Zzzzzzland.

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