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the trophy girl…

May 17, 2008

am i just the trophy girl to show off to friends? no more, no less?


watched the movie “What Happens in Vegas” with alia. had a good laugh. not really into chick flicks (didn’t like the ending… too cheesy… marriage proposal on a beach????) but an exception if it’s a cameron diaz film. so yes, it’s a good film. i’d reccomend it if you just want to have a feel-good laugh.

afterwards, text messages were exchanged. the trophy girl. not so happy with it. who would? but anyways, at least that straightens the issues. nothing to read between the lines, so stop deciphering the codes which aren’t there. the cycle, how can i forget the cycle?

so on the way home, i was walking aimlessly. half paying attention to the walk home, busy thinking of the messages. then the phone rang. ALEX!!!!! so happy to see his name on the screen of my phone. always at the right time. so without further ado, i began my ramblings. and he was, as always… listening very carefully. always giving the biased –  wtf???? remarks from time to time in between my ramblings. then after the whole story, time for his sound advices. of course, it’s always the same advice. ‘coz it’s always the same situation. the cycle of my life. will it ever get any better than this? or am i stuck in this cycle forever?

walked two buildings past my building. yeah, that’s how aimless i wander sometimes. can’t even locate my own building. anyways, as soon as i entered my room, checked the laptop and there he was – Chubby. another person who am sure will salvage me from this pitiful night. and i was right.

which leads me into thinking – trophy girl or friends


la la land…..


The only one who loves me unconditionally (other than my friends and family of course) :p 

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