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September 21, 2010

the other day, the supervisor called me up and told me that she’s got bad and good news for me. that was 11am, i just woke up and was nursing a very slight fever, i was already pissed even before she said anything as she woke me up from my slumber. so i asked for the bad news first and she said that they’re sending me away again out of our outlet (me being the new rotator agent, they send me to outlets which are short of staff) after that bad news, i was thinking which outlet does she think is a good news for me? and then she finally said: you’re going to Maldives for 5 days. my slight fever suddenly went out of my system and i literally jumped out of my bed, seriously!

i was happy, exhilirated and [insert an adjective here which is synonymous to being “high”]. i cannot for the life of me, pass this opportunity because of the following reasons:

A. it’s Maldives!!!!!!
B. it’s too expensive going there i can’t even afford it even if i use our free tickets
C. it’s Maldives!!!!!

so i immediately said yes, i will definitely go!

we will leave dubai on friday, together with 15 other colleagues who will have the opportunity of a lifetime to go to Maldives in an all-expense paid trip. (things like these make me love my job that i was starting to loathe) the only downside is, i’m going to Maldives with my colleagues. it’s famous for honeymooners and couples and yet, i will be there with people from work. how sad is that????

another problem is, how do i get the chance to wear my 2 pc bikinis in maldives when the people i will be with will be covered from head to toe? wearing a bikini in dubai is not really a problem for me but wearing a bikini outside of dubai in front of my very conservative colleagues who think that i’m already scantily dressed on the photo below will definitely be a problem:

i kid you not, one of my colleagues told me to wear the dress that i wore in cove rotana resort to make the people i’m traveling with to maldives raise their eyebrows… seriously!!!

anyway, 2pc or not… i will go to maldives for free on friday!

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  • Reply Stefan Horlacher June 19, 2015 at 08:41

    Hahah…2pc only…wonder how did you made out..?

    • Reply Pinay Flying High June 19, 2015 at 08:45

      How in the world are you getting to these blog posts???? Lol. I don’t even remember this anymore. Hahaha.
      Yes, I did wear a 2pc swimsuit. Once you’re in Maldives, you won’t care about anything apart from enjoying the beach fully. :p

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