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The Tourist Season

December 18, 2012

Yesterday morning I got out of my building and was surprised to see an ankle-deep of water in front of me. Yes, it’s been drizzling. No not rain, a drizzle. Non-stop drizzle. And that drizzle right there caused an ankle-deep flood in some parts of Dubai and of course a very packed road, resulting to much more traffic than it usually has. I was not feeling well yesterday and I was too bored to go back up my flat to get an umbrella which I don’t even know if I still have as it’s not really a necessity here in the sandpit. So I took a cab instead of taking the metro, to avoid the long walk to and from the station. On the way to work, there were about 2 road accidents that we passed. Mind you, it’s a 10-minute drive. Drivers here are so unexposed to rain that they don’t really get the idea that the road will be slippery when it’s wet.

Normally a rain or a sandstorm is a sign that the weather is about to change in Dubai and it actually did. Today, it was 21 degrees [insert jazz hands here]. From a whopping 40-ish degrees down to 20-ish degrees how can you not do the jazz hands there? So yeah, I can feel the chill even if I’m wearing my uniform jacket which I seldom wear outside of the office and somehow, I feel the need to wear something warmer. Now stop raising your eyebrows and giving me that look, I came from the Philippines and 20 degrees is cold for me. So just shush it.

Along with the colder weather comes the tourists. Now I’m not saying that I hate them but I sort of do. Why? Well first off, the malls are just more crowded than the usual, we can’t get a table so easily in our favorite bars and restaurants these days and most importantly, the metro is just getting ridiculously crowded now. So yes, I kind of hate them. What goes around comes around as they say and I’m pretty sure they’d hate me too if I visit their place.

Having said that, I may hate the tourists for crowding this spectacular city but I am always very helpful and generous when it comes to them asking me for directions. I know the feeling of getting lost in a big city and your only hope was to find someone who’s willing to show you the right way to where you’re headed, it’s not really much to ask and because I believe in karma – I always get excited whenever someone asks me for direction and helps them as much as I can.

Inside Dubai Mall…
Tourist: Where is the Burj Khalifa?
Me: Follow the sign going to Souk Al Bahar, exit the mall and it’ll be on your right.
Tourist: So when I turn right it’s already there or should I…. (waves hands left and right to indicate that she’s asking whether or not she should take another left or another right)
Me: As soon as you exit the mall, just turn your head to the right. It’s very hard to miss, it’s the biggest building in the world. * grins *

I doubt anyone can miss this monstrous building.

I doubt anyone can miss this monstrous building.

So yes, Dubai is colder now. Gone are the days of sweating like a pig as soon as you step out of an air-conditioned building. Tourists, locals and expats – enjoy Dubai, you have only about 6 months to do so.

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