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The Thursday that was.

November 4, 2011

Before anything else, I’d just like to lay down my cards and tell all my readers that no, I’m not yet an alcoholic. My parental units (who are readers of this blog) are worried about their youngest daughter falling into the pits of being an alcoholic with all the parties and drinkings I’ve been doing here in Dubai for the past 4 years. My liver is perfectly fine, I don’t resort to alcohol when I’m stressed, happy, sad or [insert any other emotions here which may be a reason to drink alcohol] and I don’t really get drunk drunk all the time (just a few times ok?). Anyway, so to my mom and aunt – no, I’m not an alcoholic. 🙂

So last night, I drank too much alcohol – the amount of it could put a frat boy to shame (I’m just kidding. Bow). Anyway, so we went out last night to kickstart the long weekend ahead of us. We were planning to have a peaceful night and talk about the crisis, world war II and the upcoming zombie apocalypse (the usual things you and your friends talk about over a glass of beer) but it went ballistic-ly (there’s no such word) crazy at the end of the night. Of course, for quiet nights, Arabian Park Hotel is your best choice. With the soothing and calming pool view, outdated soundtrack faintly playing as your background music, good nachos and about 4 complimentary shots of alcohol I can’t even pronounce – Oasis Bar in unbeatable.

Oasis Bar at Arabian Park Hotel

At around 11pm, we decided that we want to hear a live band so off we went to Carter’s at Wafi and boy, the live band was awesome! Not to mention they also boast on having great looking waiters.

Me and Jonald at the entrance of pyramid-inspired Wafi.

Walk like an Egyptian

After a shot of jagerbomb, we all went dancing. Just us, on the empty space beside our table. Videos and photos were taken and I’d rather not put it on here (because my account on wordpress is not upgraded and I couldn’t upload videos on here) to save ourselves from an epic hall of shame. It would’ve been a good way to cap the night off but someone desperately wants to dance and go to the famous, newly-opened Filipino bar – Boracay (I’m looking at you Mitesh) so against my will, we took a cab towards Deira at Asiana Hotel.

What can I say about Boracay bar? It was bad, so bad! The perfect word to describe it is not even invented yet. As soon as the elevator doors opened on the 6th (or was it the 7th?) floor of this hotel, a foul-smelling air went up to my nostrils and made me want to puke all over the floor of the reception area. I really don’t know why and how they managed to stink that place up. Seriously! It was THAT bad. Well ok, the venue itself wasn’t as bad as I’m describing it. It was a huge place with a huge stage you’d think that someone very famous would be performing on it but a group of scantily-clad ladies settling on a badly choreographed dance number (mostly consisted of them throwing their heads back and forth to make their long, rebonded hair move back and forth as well) is performing. Maybe for some it’s a perfectly sane way to spend their Thursday night but it’s not really my cup of tea. Don’t take my word for it though because the place was packed! So maybe it’s just me and my abnormality talking but some people looks like they’re having the time of their lives. So try it and let me know how it goes for you. Five minutes after we walked in that gigantic place, we walked out and had to spend the worst 3 minutes of my life waiting at the stinky reception area for the elevator.

We went to Warehouse at Le Meridien with high hopes that we’ll be able to eat something but it was already 1am and there is no way we could find a bar with its kitchen still open – so we settled on a glass of water instead (they still had beer though) and shisha.

All in all it was a fab time spent with my favorite people here in Dubai. Oh! I forgot to mention that with the exception of Boracay bar, we had staff discounts in all of those places mentioned above. Sweet! 🙂

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