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October 23, 2008

I had a really really bad day before my birthday. It was too much work at the office, not to mention too many discrepancies to sort out on my emails then just when am all happy and dandy that day has ended for me and am about to go home, the cabs and bus in dubai decided to be extinct. It was a horrible horrible night for me as I waited for more than an hour for a cab/bus. (baket ba walang jeep at tricycle sa dubai?) I was nearly in tears when the second C2 bus came after waiting for it for 1 hr and 10mins but then it won’t accept any lady passengers. I was frustrated, tired and well… not in a really good mood. It was already late when i came home, too late that the mall just across our building was already closed.at home, i went online and voila! all my friends are waiting for me to get online and greet me a happy birthday. and with the vulnerable situation that i was in at that time, i cried. though they could not be here with me (since they’re all scattered in different parts of the world) they all waited for me with each their own dilemmas of local time (i thank those 2 people in sydney ‘coz apparently, you’ve got the worst local time at that moment) and greeted me a happy birthday. it was more than ok. the day doesn’t seem to be so bad at all anymore.

on that note, i would like to thank the following people:

1. ALEX, the one and only. i love you! you know that. thanks for everything and i mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. you’ve been nothing but nice to me, though you do piss me off big time but yeah, you’re not so bad. haha! thank you for the gifts, for dropping by the office and for never forgetting me. thanks and i really do owe you a lot, a looooooot.

2. SIGMA, thanks for staying up late, for excusing yourselves during a meeting, for ignoring your work for some time, for waking up early just to greet me a happy birthday. love you guys! seriously, a surprise conference chat is better than a surprise party. hah!

3. Simon, for being the first person to greet me. one day in advance and so donessa and the rest of the gang followed your lead. hehehe. by the way, where the hell are my photos???

4. Gavin, for singing a happy birthday to you song thru text. i still demand my giftsssssss. take a good note of the plural form. hehehe

5. Christoph, for the flowers. haha! but they failed to deliver it at work, sorry to disappoint you. you should get a refund for that.

6. Christel, Johnnie, Cel and Ash for fulfilling some of those things on my birthday wishlist. yehey!!!!! i knew it was a good idea. ahaha

7. My supervisor and colleagues, for the surprise mini-celebration of my birthday at the office.

8. The management team of our company, for the birthday card you all send to your employees celebrating a birthday. it makes one feel special to have received a greeting card from the vice president of – if not the biggest, one of the biggest company in dubai. haha!

9. to my gorgeous friends, MONA and DENY – i love you both. thanks for the gift (not sure why i got that, haha!), the flowers and for wasting your time for me. i had a great time in barasti, which am officially declaring as our new “it” place. regardless if it will cost me aed140 taxi fare for a return trip to my house, it’s now our new “it” place. all for the sake of good music, eye-candies and great times. thanks mona and deny for celebrating my birthday with me though you both need to work the next day. hah! mwah!!!!!

10. lastly, thanks for all the people who greeted me thru text, phone call, friendster, myspace, facebook and multiply. you all know who you are. 🙂

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blessed with so many friends, i could care less now if i suck on the love department. am doing great anyway for having such true friends. MMMMMMWAH!

oh crap, am 25!!!!!! hello quarter-life crisis.

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