The Terrace Friday Brunch is a MAH zing!

Armed with my gift voucher for a Friday Brunch for two, the boyfriend and I went to Media Rotana yesterday to use it. I was kind of worried because the weather in Dubai now is shifting to the unfriendlier one and I was afraid that it will make this outdoor brunch a total failure. Well, it wasn’t. In fact it was breezy and the sun was hiding behind the clouds. I booked a table for two, 2 days prior and was informed by the attendant at the front door that we’ll be at table number 51 – the one under the shade. Unfortunately, someone was already sitting at table 51 and the waiters were talking among themselves that they were shy to tell the diners to get out of the table as it’s reserved – well, that’s one point less for the restaurant. They could’ve put a small sign on the table that it was RESERVED so they won’t have any problem like this in the future. I would then suggest to all the future Friday brunchers at The Terrace to not make a reservation as it’s not of any use anyway, just arrive at the venue early to get a good spot. We arrived at 12:40, brunch starts at 12:30 and the good tables were already taken. I’m not really sure what time these diners arrived but by the looks of it, they already finished one serving. Just giving you all a heads up. 🙂

Anyhoots, other than that miscommunication, the whole brunch was superb. They had a vast and extensive food choices ranging from Arabic to Japanese to some Asian to grills – it was awesometastic! Whenever I go to buffet or brunch, I always prefer the ones with international food choices and does not only cater to one specific cuisine – that way, the brunch gets more exciting and gives you more option to make up for the money you lose. Well, I gotta say that the brunches in Dubai are usually on the pricier side but since it’s an unbreakable institution in Dubai – you have to try it at least once.

I didn’t have breakfast for that day as a preparation for this brunch so after seeing all these gastronomical delights, I wasn’t able to control myself and indulged myself with it with too much gusto. For starters, I had mushroom soup and then some of my Japanese fix (read: makis and rolls) then immediately jumped to the main courses.

First serving

Second Serving

Third Serving

The boyfriend finds it weird that I eat seafood and meat in one meal. I don’t see anything wrong with that specially if you’re in a buffet such as this one. I had a very chocolate-y cake afterwards and had to retreat and surrender as my stomach gave me that “I’m-already-full-” signal with a burp. BURP! 🙂 It was already 14:30 and I don’t know about you but for me, it’s siesta time. We could’ve stayed longer if it wasn’t for the fact that both the boyfriend and I were feeling a bit groggy already. We finished our drinks and bid farewell to The Terrace. Will I ever go back there and finally pay for it myself? Oh yes!

The Terrace Friday Brunch
Media Rotana Tecom
12:30 – 15:30
AED199 inclusive of selected beverages (of course including alcohol)
AED239 inclusive of shisha


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