The Sweetest (Corniest/Bravest) Wedding Proposal done by a person who I personally know.

The guy.

Let’s start with who this person is – Ryan Jubelag, a friend who puts up with all my nonsense ramblings about my usually non-existent lovelife, someone who will give his sound advice no matter how silly my ramblings were and someone who thinks he’s too pretty that he can’t remain still with one girl. Alright, well the last part isn’t exactly true (just in case the “fiance” will be reading this). Well, to be very honest we’re just really good friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anyhow, moving on…. he’s been with the same girl for over 9 years now and has been inviting me since July of 2009 to attend his wedding on January 2011. Yes, two years of reminding me about his wedding to which I have always said yes and I won’t miss it for anything. He’s been talking to me about his plans for that big day – the church, reception area etc. etc. little do I know, the prick just proposed to his girl last January 31 of this year.

The proposal

It blew me away. If you know the real Ryan Jubelag, you would not have pegged that that kind of proposal is what he’s got in mind and what he will actually do.

Where: Cadiz City, Negros Occidental Philippines

When: During one of the biggest festivals of the region – the Dinagsa Festival.

How: With the help of his “local government official” comrades and his family who lives there, they were able to get him into one of the tribal dancers’ numbers at the town plaza while the girlfriend watches from afar with no clue of what’s going on/will happen and why her boyfriend was nowhere in sight. Well, as for the rest of the story – the photos below will speak for itself.

Will You Marry


Here comes the future bride...

the moment of truth, will she say yes???

apparently, she did!!!!

awwwww.... i'll give it 4 years. hyuk hyuk hyuk

Seriously though, this is the sweetest (if not the corniest) wedding proposals I know done by a real person close to my heart. I’ll give you 10 for effort and braving the crowd and making a fool out of yourself Rhay.

P.S. Mr. Ryan Jubelag gave me permission to blog about his shenanigans and post his photos. For any violent reactions/comments, please feel free to contact him – don’t take it against me.


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