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The Subic Rape Case

March 19, 2009

My head is spinning right now from dizziness, just got back from the hospital for a check-up. but i just can’t let this issue pass by me and not blog about it.

Nicole, the girl who was “supposedly” raped by Daniel Smith, a US soldier based in Subic recanted her statement and is now telling that she might NOT be raped at all. That due to her intoxicated state that night, she may have done some things which she cannot control and may have led Daniel Smith to believe that she is “game” for any sexual actions for that night (eg. kissing on the dance floor, heavy petting – well shoot me, but i really do think that Nicole gave a two-thumbs up and green signal to Daniel that night).

i was already skeptic from the very start about this whole issue, thinking that Nicole might just be one of those people trying to get attention and creating much havoc to the media. but since am also a filipina and being one, i should support her. but she’s from subic, a place where prostitution is rampant, a place where a lot of kids were born as a casualty of unprotected sex between filipinas and a US soldier. am not saying that all the women in subic are like that, but the place is very conducive for things like that to happen.

ok, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, say it did happen – she was raped. but why change your statement now in exchange of PHP100,000 and her being able to live a new life in the US? is that all she’s worth? her dignity is just a mere hundred thousand pesos? good Lord!!!! she created that much scene for that amount of money? 2 countries were at stake and she should have thought of her actions more clearly. how can you not be sure if you were raped or not? oh i forgot! she was severely drunk and was kissing and petting on the dancefloor. if she was indeed raped, she already started the commotion why not finish it all the way? stand firm on her grounds and fight to seek justice for herself and bring the glory back to the filipino women that justice do really prevail in our country. that justice is not based on the color of your skin. that our country is not tolerant of such humiliating and immoral actions. it was the classic case of David versus Goliath. i was hoping that the ending would be the same. but David turned out to be a greedy, liar, selfish and self-important b*tch who’s too drunk to remember if it was a consensual act or not. after all these issues, these commotions – all she ever wanted was a 100k and a multiple-entry visa to the US.

this single, stupid and very damaging action degraded the whole filipina population in the world. i sure hope to God that Daniel Smith’s family won’t hunt her when she goes to the US.

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