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The Sound of Music, My Favorite Movie Of All Time

August 17, 2010

I was flipping channels earlier and came across MBC Max showing The Sound of Music, my heart lept with joy and i had goosebumps on my arms as I watched Frauilein Maria and the Von Trapp kids sing the Do-Re-Mi song at the mountains of Salzburg, Austria. This has been my favorite movie since I saw daylight in this wonderful world (yeah ok, exaggerating.. probably when i was 3 or 5?). It reminds me so much of my mother and how she would ask me to perform some of the songs from the movie whenever her friends are visiting our house, songs like Do-Re-Mi and So Long, Farewell. Yes, I have memorized the lyrics at an early age even before i can understand what those songs meant and yes, I’m a show off and my mom including my aunt are both stage mothers. I was a total performer then, singing the whole song just by myself (I am the lead and the second voice) and dancing it as how it was danced by the children in the movie. I like the song So Long, Farewell the best specially that part when the youngest child Gretl, was dragging herself up the stairs – I used our own stairs for this part whenever i’m performing for our dear visitors.

When I was a bit older, (10 years old maybe and yes, I kept watching that film over and over again until that age) I developed this childish crush to Captain Von Trapp, yes the father. Well, what can I do? Friedrich and Kurt both looked gay to me with their painfully blonde hairs. So I had my eyes on Captain Von Trapp, stern-looking but really handsome face, good posture and authority. I would usually giggle with delight whenever that part where Maria and the Captain were dancing at the garden while Elsa (the Captain’s fiance at the time) was looking at them with jealousy in her eyes. I hated that bitch Elsa.

It was also my first time to hear “Heil Hitler” in the movie, never really knew what it meant. I thought it was how they say hello in Austria but really don’t get why the Captain doesn’t like to be greeted that way. Anyway, I hated those men in uniforms who made the Von Trapp family leave their fabulous house with a grand staircase at the entrance.

I was so addicted to this movie that when the Department of Education of Binan asked me to do a special project for the public school students of our town to teach them ballet and produce a Christmas show for them, I immediately said yes and of course I’ve got excerpts from the movie to include in the show. Do-Re-Mi and 16 going on 17 were the songs that i’ve chosen from the sound of music. These kids were fabulous! They sang live and danced these two numbers. Of course I made them watch the movie first so they could understand what I’m trying to make them do.

Anyway, the movie is my favorite up until now. It brings back good memories and makes me feel like a kid again. I would say that it’s one of my favorite things, a feel-good movie for me. When I finally decide to have a kid, I will force him/her to watch this movie with me and make him/her perform the songs whenever my friends come over for drinking. :p

How about you? What’s your feel-good movie?

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  • Reply Abdulrhman August 7, 2010 at 07:14

    what 1? im NOW watching it on MBC Max !!! i reach this blog throgh google when i want a poster for the movie .

    • Reply galatea234 August 7, 2010 at 07:25

      hahaha! still watching it now…. hahaha! feel free to grab the movie poster from my site, i just searched it on google too. haha!

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