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The shindig princess is back!!!!

May 13, 2008

Yay! Long weekend this coming.

Been sick for the past couple of days. Colds and cough are still happily clinging inside my very weak body. I was out of the night-scene for 2 weeks straight. (Or is it just one?) Well anyways, I need a dose of fun. All work with no play is no gain as they say. So yeah, I need the play. :p

Starting Wednesday night, it was supposed to be Helsinki night…. but hmmm…. something tells me it’s going to be a night of pampering myself. Might  go to the salon to do my nails (yes, i do my nails now…. haha!) or whatever comes up.

Thursday night  – with my uber gorgeous ladies – Monmon and Denden. Boudoir, Zinc, Barasti are being thrown in for this night. Decisions will be made tomorrow. I will definitely veto if they decide to go to lodge once more. We’ve been raiding the place for the past couple of weeks now, need to change the gameplan. :p My oh my, do I sound like a party girl?

Friday afternoon/evening – with the GYMmi. Hehehe. Where did that name come from? Have to think of something better than that. Anyways, so yeah. There’s the invitation, but knowing GYMmi…. it’s always a tentative schedule unless otherwise specified. (huh?) Rephrase – it’s always a tentative schedule unless you actually see him at that moment when you’re supposed to meet. :p so yeah, tentative plan for Friday.

Plan B for Friday will be Plan B with the girls. Have to talk to them regarding this tomorrow.

So yep, it’s all settled now.

Do I have enough strength to do all these?????

Vitamin Cs will do? :p

Last day of work tomorrow before my long weekend!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!



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