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The Saga continues

April 29, 2009

1. Am on my third installment of the Princess Saga books and i still do believe that these books should get the incredulous hype the twilight series is getting. i mean c’mon!!!! vampires??? can’t believe adult people actually fell for that. oh well, anyway… after the numerous real-accounts books that i’ve read with the middle eastern settings, i think it has become my new loved genre of books. used to love the courtroom dramas of john grisham but now, guess i want to be more in touch of the real world that i live in.  it’s been a long way from sweet valley books to the princess sagas. haha.

2. i finally cancelled my membership with fitness first. why? well, because for the past few how many months now i have not been seeing the insides of the gym except for when i go sunbathing at their pool or when i go to the spa salon inside it – but never actually used any of their equipments for working-out purposes. i don’t know, am just really not the working-out-type of gal. i would rather take dance classes rather than run on the treadmill or lift some weights. besides, i lost weight not because of working out – rather on a strict mind-over-matter dieting. hahaha.

3. am very very very excited to move to our new house… but when?????? GRRRRRR…. the landlord hasn’t called me yet to let me know when am gonna be moving. hmpf!

3. got this piece from deny which is another racist attack against filipinos. ironically, i found it funny rather insulting. the article was a very mindless work. if she can be a journalist then i think i should be her editor-in-chief. i do think i can write better and more interesting things than her and not about the accent of filipinos. it’s just a kick-on-the-balls tactic of her to attack the filipinos because the call centers in NZ closed down and all transferred to Manila. it would have been better for her to tackle that issue than going desperately against the filipino accents which for her is a reason why filipinos should not be given those jobs. do i sense bitterness in her article? yes, very much so. bitter coz kiwis no longer have a job and she just can’t the face fact that filipinos got it. well…. i hope she’s smart enough to understand the business tactic in there. anyway, as i’ve said… i would have sympathized with her if she wrote something about kiwis losing their jobs and filipinos getting it rather than a cheap article insulting the filipino accent. hahaha. and oh! my favorite line of her article – i am better with indian call centre coz i’ve seen slumdog millionaire. – * and i roll laughing on the floor *. seriously, someone like her can be a journalist?  WOW!!!!!!

4. the secret diet that people are asking me for losing weight as fast as a week. hehehe. well, aside from the fact that i have very fast metabolism (i gain and lose weight in a matter of 2 days) here’s one thing which certainly worked for me – eat because you’re hungry not because it’s 1pm. and when you eat, stop when you already feel full and don’t eat the whole servings just because it’s right in front of you. when i order something for breakfast – a heavy meal nonetheless – i usually cut it in portion so i can eat the rest as lunch. or sometimes i get myself a big glass of fruit shake at noon (when i start working) and it will usually last me until 5 or 6pm, then i eat a salad around that time which will make me full until dinner. but of course, don’t forget the light snacks in between. am always munching something at work. hehehe. i’ve read in some health magazine that starving yourself is not a good way to diet. coz when you don’t eat anything your digestive system will not do anything as well. they need the energy to do their work so better to eat lots of small portions of food to keep it doing it’s job. but anyway, all these dieting started for me when i saw a photo of myself really really bloated and i got alarmed as to why am looking like a pig. and i always had to look at that photo of mine when we were in atlantis for encouragement that YES I CAN get that slim figure back. hahaha. that’s what you call – V-A-N-I-T-Y. :p

right, off to shower! tata!

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