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May 24, 2008

 “You are headed to a cliff and you know it. Dangerous, dangerous road you’re taking” were the wise words my good friend Alex told me to wake me up to my senses about this current issue. I do believe that he is my alter-ego. He just wants to prevent the week-long sulken moments which would require him to gyrate like a fool to lighten up my mood when I hit rock bottom. Which is happening practically every 2 weeks now, me hitting rock bottom not him gyrating like a fool. Hehehe. I am one complicated work. Haha! Make up your mind woman!!!


So she was there, but not. Mind is wandering elsewhere – specifics: questions self as to how she ends up being there, in that exact situation.


Haven’t been to the gym for like ages….. Keep telling myself “i’ll go tomorrow” but when tomorrow comes i’ll suddenly come up with an excuse not to go. Bad, bad , bad. Credit card’s being charged with monthly fee for the gym that am not using. Grrrrrr…… Oh well, if it was ballet then I wouldn’t miss any classes.


A-N-Y-W-A-Y, watched the show “Whose line is it anyway?” last night with the stallion aka chubby aka self-confessed-dancing-king. Almost died laughing. It was much like the “Impropera” show I’ve seen months before. Quick wit, fast thinking, comedy at it’s best. Finally, a show which I didn’t feel like dragging the stallion aka chubby aka self-confessed-dancing-king to, for he enjoyed it just as much.


Question of the year:

Pano kung ayaw mo nang maging “friends” lang kayo??? 🙁


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